Memento Database 4.9.2 Apk for android

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Author: MementoDB Inc.
Category: Productivity
OS: 4.1 and up
Rating: 4.5
Size: 27.0 mb
Version: 4.9.2
Memento Database is a very strong and user friendly instrument developed for working with some other data, making it possible to save, organize, calculate and picture information. It's more convenient than spreadsheets, more elastic than technical applications. If you're searching for a software to organize your own personal affairs, hobbies, or small or medium sized company, Memento is your solution PERSONAL USE Memento may replace tons of programs, assisting you to organize your daily life and increasing your performance. Lists of tasks and targets Personal finance and shopping Contacts and events Time management Groups and hobbies - books, music, movies, games, board games, meals and more Travel preparation sports and Medical documents Studying Home inventory See the use cases in the online catalogue. It contains thousands of templates out of our neighborhood which you're able to improve upon, or make your own. BUSINESS USE Memento allows building any business management system to meet your specific requirements. This could include: Inventory Project management Personnel management manufacturing management Assets management Products catalogue CRM Budget You can join all of the parts of the application and build the sense of working with data in accord with your company processes. The Memento cloud allows every one of your employees to utilize databases, and offers a flexible system of access control. Small companies with Memento gets the opportunity to make an ERP at low price. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS along with companies, Memento is successfully used by non-profit associations, including colleges, hospitals, transportation services, charity funds, and libraries. TEAMWORK Memento allows the synchronizing of data together using the cloud and supplies these tools for teamwork: A flexible method of establishing access rights up to the areas in the documents View the foundation of data changes made by other consumers Comments to records from the database Synchronization with Google Sheet should you use sensitive information which should be kept only on your own servers or exclusively from the territory of the state, then we have a self-hosted solution - Memento Private Server. OFFLINE Memento supports offline function. You can transfer data from the offline mode and then synchronize it using the cloud later, whenever your apparatus connects to the web. By default your databases are not connected to the cloud, and now so are stored only on your device. WINDOWS & LINUX You can also utilize your data on a PC. This is convenient, in case you have to input or examine a lot of information. Moreover, the desktop version of the application gives a highly effective reporting system based on Jasper Reports. KEY FEATURES Dozens of varieties of fields, including text, integer, real, boolean, date/time, evaluation, checkboxes, radio buttons, money, image, touch, document, audio, touch, calculation, JavaScript, geolocations along with Google Maps coordinates, and others. Performing Data evaluation, including aggregation, charting, sorting, grouping, and filtering entries by some areas. Displaying data in the form of a record, a set of cards, a desk, onto a map, or in a calendar. Cloud storage and Teamwork. Offline data entry. Importing and exporting CSV documents, permitting interoperation with popular programs like Microsoft Excel, Filemaker. Populating database entries at the touch of a button along using data from Internet services and other sources. Scripting in Javascript (areas, triggers, scripted data source). Password protection. Hunting entries in database by barcode. Reminders. Facebook: User Guide:
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