War Commander: Rogue Assault 2.44.0 Apk for Android

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Author: KIXEYE
Category: Games, Strategy
OS: 4.2 and up
Rating: 4.2
Size: 43.0 mb
Version: 4.6.1
Control your army real-time and defeat enemies with the ideal strike plan in this RTS tank war game. Launch strategic strikes against your enemy for control of War Zones to direct your warships and tanks to triumph on the battle. This RTS game with a PVP multiplayer available world challenges you to create an alliance of iron force. Launch rockets, control the tank war and push on the siege of enemy land to win the world war in real-time. As a rogue war commander its up to you to divide and conquer foes and make a superstar of war with the support of your air force. As one of the few surviving commanders following World War 3, defend your base, personalize your units and strike enemies to survive. Become the greatest warrior in this online army strategy game by battling to get control of the world with the help of atomic bombs. Rogue Assault is the most realistic military RTS game with unmanned vehicles, missile strikes and air force battles. Immersive 3D multiplayer army strategy game person or PVP RTS combat real life, individual unit controller (tank, warship, army, soldiers) around the battlefield Immediate accessibility to riflemen, heavy gunners, and rhino tanks Level up for accessibility to powerful units and army might Construct an Empire construct your base and lead your army to victory. Discover new defense mechanisms, research state of the art weapons for your own air force, and destroy any enemies that stand in your way. Fight Strategic Battles Blend foot troops, light vehicles, aircraft and tanks to coordinate devastating strikes like rocket launching. Attacking the enemy not felt as good as in this sensible PVP army sport. As a commander of a rogue strike force you defend or attack in epic battles on earth war. Fight for domination in pvp tank wars and reveal your modern warfare style to master this real-time strategy match. Defend your Fortress Customize your defenses to survive the war thunder and control the worlds last resources. Alternatively, play crime and use your army to turn around, attack and take whats yours. Infantry: Standard warriors needed in any battle. Exceptionally well-rounded and diverse, they are fantastic for attack or defense. Air Force: Perfect for launch surprise strikes against an enemy base in real-time. The ideal aircraft could provide a strategic advantage over grounded units who cant shoot from so far beneath. Tank: The back part of your force. With enormous damage output and defensive capacities, these units are a must have for any invasion No Build Times Dont need the time to build an army the traditional way? Dont worry. Without any construct instances, youll be prepared to get in the war thunder at real-time. Combine an Alliance Forge strategic alliances with allied troops and form battle tactics for your mortal strike on the battle. People who join an alliance are much better setup to thrive in this war-torn world. Monthly in-game Events flaunt your military prowess in monthly events. Fight strategic worldwide battles to high the alliance war leaderboards.
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