Nomads of the Fallen Star 1.04 Apk for android

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Author: Halfgeek
Category: Role Playing
OS: 7.0 and up
Rating: 4.6
Size: 29.0 mb
Version: 1.04
IMPORTANT: Minimum supported display size is 5.5 inches (6+ is best ). ABOUT THE GAME: Set on a distant uncharted & Terrible world, in which descendants of a horse that is busted ship endure the harsh wasteland when hoping for salvation. However, decades have passed without contact from the fleet and skirmishes between different factions over limited resources have escalated. A full blown war of conquest looms in the horizon which could risk humankind's fragile existence with this harsh new world. As the chaos approaches, you just take the job as the boss of a rag-tag bunch of scavengers / mercenaries. Your intention is to scavengetrade, commerce, sabotage, hunt, fight and help conquer your way to glory and fame. Throughout the journey, you'll meet allies that will connect in the battle to live the wasteland, and possibly together, you are able to unravel the puzzle on the origins of the colony and adjust the fate of all people who call this barren planet home. KEY FEATURES: A world where your choices matters as the factions attempt to endure and wage wars of conquest. * An exceptionally energetic financial simulation ensures not only your actions carry consequences and present new opportunities, but also the activities of different NPCs. * Competitive gameplay that entails other free roaming NPC scavengers that satisfy the identical role as the participant. They can exchange, scavenge tools, and take on assignments, and fight hostile raiders or xenos. * Recruit and equip your squad with many diverse weapons, each providing a unique balance and strategic choices. Train their battle skills as they gain levels, and specialize them further using a selection of many perks. * Hunt the xenobeasts with this hostile planet and use their skin, carapace, and organs at crafting helpful armor and items. * A sandbox that is also character & story-driven, using an sci-fi story themed on loss, obligation and personal responsibility, together with side-quests and random experiences. Additional Notes: I am a solo developer and I lack the resources to help other languages, as such, the game really is English only. If you encounter problems or would like to contact me, I can be contacted via email ( or twitter (@AH_Phan). Refunds: If you don't enjoy the game and can't get Google to refund, then please email me with all the buy ID and I'll gladly refund manually.
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