Wild Zombie Online(WZO) 3.4 Apk + Mod + Data for Android

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Author: 1Games
Category: Adventure, Games
OS: 4.1 and up
Rating: 4.0
Size: 72.0 mb
Version: 3.4
Welcome to the ideal animal match, Wild Zombie Online (WZO) Go search! In case you dont search first, they'll search you afterwards. The wild, the world of creatures where the strongest survives based on this legislation of the jungle! A life-and-death monster hunting action game in which you become a zombie creature to hunt and chase wild animals. In Wild Zombie Online, you become the best monster hunter by pursuing and hunting creatures living in the wild. With gigantic monsters, you must subdue and search wild creatures who fight and come . You need to bravely face the attacks by rough and strong carnivores and provide the fear of death for herbivores who stand up against you at a big herd. Will you develop into a strong and violent wild animal hunter who will beat the attacks of numerous hostile creatures and also make all wild creatures dip in fear by you? 1. Differentiated, Rich Maps The maps are broken up to Sahara, a gloomy desert; Siberia, covered by snow and ice; plus also a savanna, a huge tropical grassland. They also include regular maps that have different natural surroundings as well as special maps such as Monster Field in which to prevent wild creatures attacks with giant zombie monster along with Dragon Lava where dragons together with the properties of fire, ice, and flaking. Moreover, you will also possess maps with numerous attributes and uniqueness such as an occasion map where you can enter just at a given time, PVP Zone in which you can truly really have a 1:1 combat. 2. Diversified Hunting Means You are able to experience hunting and attacking in oriented battles like the capability to transform to a highly effective zombie monster and summoning the identical type, power assault 3. Numerous Missions and Master Menus It is possible to add more fun to the sport via the Trophy Menu where you are able to create achievements and earn honor points by performing special missions such as travelling, hunting, and obtaining as well as the Master Menu that enables you to give a great deal more harm when hunting a specific creature. In case you delete the match, all of the data will be eliminated and not recovered.
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