SpellForce: Heroes & Magic 1.2.5 Apk + Data for android

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Author: HandyGames
Category: Strategy
OS: 4.1 and up
Rating: 3.3
Size: 29.0 mb
Version: 1.2.5
PREMIUM GAME Time to Get a Fresh turn on the critically acclaimed SpellForce-Series. The epic fantasy saga is finally available on mobile devices, supplying a whole new angle to the franchise. Leaving the narrative of its PC ancestors coming and untouched really 100%-narrative free, the Premium Game will offer turn-based strategy and approaches instead of real-time. CRAFT YOUR FANTASY EMPIRE Creating an own kingdom turn is the principal goal in the 13-mission long adventure style or the free sport, in which you are facing your AI-opponents on randomly generated maps. Choose between the Dark Elves, the Orcs or People as playable races and ally or fight six neutral factions. Send your troops to conquer towns, to maintain farms or mines and also to search treasury. EXPLORE NEW LANDS Your races enthusiast will lead your army on their search for glory, treasures and precious resources to exploit. Because your ever-expanding empire wants them to flourish. When you locate new towns, you can muster new units that are unique to control in any conflict that lies ahead. BATTLE YOUR ENEMIES Even though the heroes investigate the realms, then you may fulfill your competitors on the battle and will purify them in simultaneously turn-based combats. While you plan your activities, so does your enemy. When you both execute your plans, youll see whos the greater overall. EVOLVE YOUR FIGHTERS SpellForce: Heroes & Magic can also be a Role Playing game. Your hero and your soldiers both gain expertise and they both can discover magical items like swords, armor or additional equipment. If you level up, you'll learn new skills and needless to say, seasoned warriors are more precious on the battlefields than new recruits. SpellForce: Heroes & Magic follows HandyGames approach of top games: Purchase once and perform just as long as you need with every content that the game has. No more microtransactions. No more loot boxes. No Advertisements. No Free2Play mechanics of any type. Just a excellent game. FEATURES Craft your fantasy empire: Expand, Explore, Harness and Exterminate. And no, we dont think its a 4X game do you? Fight your heroes: Carry the battle for the opponents and overcome them. A huge magic: Heroes and units can throw Lightning Strikes or Fear Spells, can stun foes or heal companions. Simultaneously turn-based combat: Plan your armies action while your enemy does and execute them in precisely the exact identical time. Things, amount ups, skill trees: Individualize your army with fully decorated RPG mechanics. 3 playable races: Orcs, Humans, Black Elves & their legendary heroes await your commands. 6 neutral races to ally with or fight : Gargoyles, Shadows, Elves, Dwarves, Barbarians and Trolls are loyal companions or gruesome enemies on the battle. Over 30 distinct units to muster and then direct into combat. Supported languages: EN, FR, DE, JA, KO, PO, PT, RU, ZH-CN, ES, ZH-TW HandyGames 2019
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