Driving Quest! 1.1 Apk + Mod (Money) for android

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Author: Play With Games
Category: Sports
OS: 4.1 and up
Rating: 4.0
Size: 0.0 mb
Version: 1.1
A realistic car driving game with a twist! Complete missions at night & day! Deliver more! Driving Quest features accurate steeringan authentic driving model, and a high view camera for full environmental consciousness. GAME FEATURES Ultra-realistic car driving model New analogue steering for full control precision Top perspective camera for perfect environmental consciousness Authentic street traffic at a living city full of different cars Locate Keys to open secret passages and pass the trials Locate Repair Kits to fix your Car should you crash Multiple varied Automobiles to select - you can also drive a Monster Truck! In Drive Quest you will sit behind the steering wheel of one of multiple varied cars, attempting to find your way around a complex and thorough city atmosphere. Collect hidden Keys to get through closed gates, find surprises and secrets hidden around every corner. Drive with pace and accuracy, passing the evaluation for the ultimate driver! That is just the beginning of your task though! Your actual objective will change from level to level, keeping things interesting. You'll need to earn car deliveries around the town, find hidden Keys to solve the missions, drift a muscle car and more! Use your thoughts, observe the environment and attempt to finish each the jobs as rapidly as possible. Become a driving expert, using your abilities to achieve better and better results. Remember - rate is critical, but this isn't a race. Don't forget to drive carefully and with precision. If you crash you will not be able to finish your delivery or pass different trials. Once you finish the undertaking, you need to park precisely in the designatet area. Learn how to drive the car with skill and complete all missions with the perfect parking. The top view camera used in the game enables you to quickly respond to your environment and induce ultra-precisely. Us it to observe traffic and barriers that could hinder your advancement. Test different approaches, choose the 1 thet enables you to finish your task. In the same way, the analogue steering model lets you pull very deliberate, precise manoeuvres. Do not rush, get the sense of your automobile and drive it with caution. With these features and your driving abilities, there is no Driving Quest that's out of your reach! Drive though - that the game also features car damage. If you damage your vehicle you will need to fix it by locating hidden Repair Kits! Heal your in-game car how you'd treat your own! Are you ready for your supreme Driving Quest!?
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