Empire War: Age of Epic Throne 8.086 Apk for android

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Author: FT Games
Category: Strategy
OS: 4.0.3 and up
Rating: 4.3
Size: 87.0 mb
Version: 9.399
The gates of hell have been flung open again and the western world has been plunged into chaos and disarray. The governors are mobilizing their troops to recapture the glorious city of Rome and warfare would be to be actuated at any moment! Are you prepared to march together with the conqueror Caesar to maintain the throne and protected domination over this best empire known to culture? Game highlights -- Control tens of thousands of troops in barbarous PVP, real time, around based battle! Expand your power: With tens of thousands of cities to maintain as your own, then battle to ultimately occupy and safe domination over Rome, claiming the throne of Emperor to represent the nobility you deserve! An arsenal of weapons to utilize: Fire a ballista to indicate the beginning of battle then deploy crossbowmen, cavalry, siege engines and infantry to wield the diplomacy of warfare and become the conqueror of people who stand in your way. A massive world map brimming with barbarian camps, the gates of hell along with the magnificent imperial garrison of Rome! March to assert whats yours today and secure your ritual chair of electricity for millennia to come. -- Rich and immersive game! -- Alliance system: Recruit members, create alliances with other warlords and employ their help to construct your culture from nothing! Fight for the throne of Rome: Combine alliances to massacre your own foes along with their garrisons in real time battle. The most powerful commanders are waiting to meet their match in the game of domination over this kingdom of violence and brutality! The World Boss: Adding a Number of BOSSES such as, the Dragon, Vampires, The Headless Horseman, Sirens, Centaurs and other animals equally legendary and magical from across the realm. To be the most powerful slayer! Channel your inner Alexander and put any foe which stands in your way! Exploit legendary equipment: Collect thousands of easily accessible materials to forge your perfect parts of equipment. With hundreds of forms to pick from, there are dozens of fabled lawsuits for you to wage your own war for domination in. March at the heart of your legion and make your reputation as a warlord and conqueror because you bide your time to maintain the title of Emperor. Secure success in battle, conquer wild creatures and expel barbarians to increase your nobility degree. Exhibit your abilities as a pioneer of this empire to control and battle your way to the very top of culture. Dont stop until you emulate Caesar and sit on the throne as King! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empirewarpage
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