RAYCRISIS 1.0.9 Apk + Data for android

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Author: TAITO Corporation
Category: Arcade
OS: 4.1 and up
Rating: 4.2
Size: 97.0 mb
Version: 1.0.9
*Sound problem was eventually solved to a brand new variant (1.0.9)! Please love BGM that keeps changing without quitting!! RAYCRISIS, the last setup in TAITOs classic RAY set of arcade shooting locks to Android! TAITO is known for arcade shooting games, along with the RAY trilogy is just one of its most beloved series! Its closing function, the evolutionary development and the popularity of picture RAYCRISIS appeared at Android application eventually!! Arranged BGM is also recorded! *Two Game Modes: Remix Mode and Arcade Mode! -REMIX MODE is a distinctive mode that adjusts the difficulty level according to the smartphone, and its arrangement on the map along with sound! It's also possible to play just one designated stage for short play in the gap time! -ARCADE MODE fully imitates the enthusiasm of the movie! Completely catches the legendary arcade variation original non-stoppable BGM! While you can not stage pick at first on'ALL' mode, if you satisfy the status, you may choose your favourite point essay from 42 mixes! The conditions to reach final enemy and great Ending also conform to the setting of the arcade cabinet! *Two Functions Methods: Manual and Auto! Auto mode provides you play with auto shot and car lock laser! It's possible to work easily and comfortably with one finger. -When impacted with specific Attack gauge accumulated, Round-Divider activated by automobile! It's possible to prevent the chance of your own aircraft! Manual Mode is possible to switch on / off car shot / off. You could also control the launch timing of the lock laser yourself, and you may aim for a high score in addition to an arcade. *Support Bluetooth controls!! Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch also may utilize! -Potential to select automobile shooter when using controller! -After using the controller, you can alter the rate of your machine in Remix Mode from'Move Ratio' of'OPTION'. *Pick between three ships: the WR-01R,WR-02R along with WR-03! It is possible to select and play with your favourite aircraft from 3 kinds with different airframe performance. WR-01R with high power of normal shots, WR-02R that has many simultaneous lock ons, WR-03 with homing bullets, which aircraft to play with is up to you! -WR-03 was a hidden aircraft, however in this program you may use from the start *Excellent BGM and SE are wholly duplicated! Among the highlights of the original RAYCRISIS encounter was its sound design, perfectly replicated here under the oversight of TAITO's ZUNTATA sound team. All traditional soundtracks are recorded on ARCADE MODE that continues to alter without quitting. Additionally, this edition includes organize BGM on REMIX MODE recorded in 2000 by TAMAYO! *Added a arranged BGM by YU SHIMODA(ZUNTATA) to ARCADE MODE! Benefit from the cutting edge ZUNTATA sound! Using Choice setting, you may choose Original BGM or Arranged BGM. -Currently, you can listen surely by deciding on the FUNCTION PART or INTELLIGENCE PART in the point choice of ARCADE MODE. When it is from'ALL', you might not be able to listen to while the point is set. By turning VIBRATION in OPTION setting, you may enjoy using vibration. -The performance might become heavy depending upon the smartphone version. *Difficulty Modes Added! A number of 8 difficulty modes are now available, ranging from Very Easy to Very Difficult. High difficulty can aim high scores! *Don't overlook the 3 endings and authentic supervisors! Decision Google Play Compatibility! Individual positions are prepared for every single ships and for each game mode. **Nortification** *This program is designed for your own Android 4.2 or newer and mounted VRAM 2G or longer. *If the problem persists, please contact our customer support speech: appsupport@taito.co.jp
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