Maruta Escape 0.3.24 (Full) Apk + Data for Android

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Author: The Label Limited
Category: Games, Action
OS: 6.0 and up
Rating: 4.6
Size: 53.0 mb
Version: 0.3.24
Maruta Escape is a stealth-puzzle game with time-bending activity where every moment countssometimes twice! You are being held captive at a dystopian human experimentation centre. Your fate as a test subject is sealed if you don't escape the drones and robot patrols that float around every corner and then hunt you from the shadows. To be successful, you have to choose your path carefully, hack your way through security checkpoints and steer clear of enemy forces as you progress from one challenging level to another. Whenever you're caught (and you will be caught!) Time slows down. Then, if your time-bending meter has been billed, then you can activate it into rewind your gameplay and then take a fresh approach, re-tracing your steps and re-thinking your strategy to avoid the clutches of the enemy. But be quick and decisive! You have to make your move before your meter works outside and actual time pops up with you! Since you race through the years, evading enemies and delving deeper, then you may unravel the mystery of who is responsible for your abduction and learn the evil plans supporting the human experiments. Each level boasts challenges designed specifically to match its surroundings. In the menacing surgery area to the foreboding library into the mysterious Zone 19, no more 2 levels will be exactly the same. And the games dynamic AI lets enemies react differently every time you play a level, leading to hours of challenging gameplay because you try various tactics to escape and set new time recordings for the greatest escape.
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