Cats Empire

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Author: Von Stierlitz Technologies Ltd.
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.5
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Version: Varies with device
Are you able to guide a group of cute, fluffy kittens to paradise where endless fish are waiting for them? Cats Empire is a unique blend of simulation and strategy games. You aim to take over Whiskertown using PvP mode. Clan vs. clan and cat vs. cat! Can you build a powerful clan of furry felines that can take you to the top of the leaderboards? You can raid other clans for their souls and fish, then return to your tribe. Take care of your kittens and get some fish stolen. You can upgrade your plushy predators and collect items that will boost their power. Soon you'll be the boss of the concrete jungle. SNEAKY STATEGIES Identify the talents of every plush cat. You will train some cats to be stealthy fish-stealing machine. Some cats you can make into powerful attackers and bring back souls for your tribe. Cross-breeding your cats can create powerful, supercat clans with all the skills and strategy you require. When you're trying to climb the leaderboard, strategy is your best friend! BOSS BATTLES To keep your cats healthy, you will need to be a skilled cat commander. Be prepared for boss battles and new locations to explore. You will also find new clans to loot. You will have to defend what you own to be crowned the king of the CATS EMPIRE. You can survive in the city jungle with the correct tactics! Only the most clever fish thieves can survive. Take out your phone and take care of your cat family. PUZZLE Are you able to guide your fish thieves around the maze-ridden yards of Whiskertown with superior reflexes? SSKILLS You can give your members different skills and crossbreed them to raise your own predators. Be careful: You will soon lose your tribe members if you aren't caring enough. CLAN Friends are the best friends. Create your own feline empire with a group of plush cats. Get along your neighbors and be the boss in Whiskertowns. SIMULATION Build your cat tribe to be the leader of your clever, but gentle cat clan. To improve the power of your clan, collect charms, fish and skill points. Take charge of your tribe to make it the best! TOURNAMENTS WIN valuable prizes in tournaments around the world and climb the ranks of the fish tower. Each competition runs for 72 hours. You will be able to get up from the whale's stomach and reach the top of this fish throne if you have the right charms and appetite. This is your choice. You can choose to travel alone or with a group of friends. SKILLS Earn skill points to improve your cat's sneakiness and even crossbreed them for more super cats. Soon, your cat tribe will include irreplaceable hero cats. COLLECT FISHnSOULS Cats can gather and steal, and with the right plunder they make great progress. You can steal them from neighbors, or you could master strange backyards. Each successful attack gives you skills points and souls that can be stored. PvP You can play solo against entire Whiskertown or form alliances with friends to celebrate a hostile takeover. You can play on Facebook with your friends and other predators. PAW-SOME FEATURES - Create and manage your cat tribe. Cross-breed with other cats to make super cats. Beat difficult bosses. Complete quests. Compete against worldwide clans. "Cats Empire," a multiplatform, free-to-play game that is available on multiple platforms. You can play with friends via Facebook and on your smartphone. Only the best strategy combined with a mastery of the puzzle-simulation combination will allow you to survive the fish and charms contest.
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