Quadropoly Pro

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Author: Clever Mind Games
Category: Games, Board
Rating: 4.6
Size: 30M
Version: 1.78.73
Online Multiplayer is now offered! This is a Classic Property Trading Game with countless customisation options supercharged with Artificial Intelligence educated on actual games with professional players. Artificial Intelligence in Quadropoly has been trained on actual games with Machine Learning models for 2.5 decades and counting: AI becomes better and better with each player who may achieve at least 25 percent winrate in addition to difficulty level These are the chief foundations this match has been assembled on: No cheating. No re-rolls, each dice roll is final. No hidden luck parameters employed by others, whatever the difficulty. AI does not know whether their trading partner will be just another AI or a person, irrespective of the difficulty: trade offer evaluations depend on pretty much everything on the board, but not on who their opponent is Unlike individual competitor, AIs are greatly patient, make their turn as fast as you inform them and never quit the match when you begin winning. In addition, with AI advice system in Quadropoly you can rapidly improve your own skills in any Company Trading match, learn the real value of the properties, cashflow management and cash , improve your negotiation skills, and, above all, prevent throwing (or dodging) match pieces in your opponents face With 6 difficulty levels accessible you can always stop to a level you feel comfortable with, progressing at your own pace. With high degree AI capable of participating in World Championships even the best players are certain to find the game very difficult yet 100% honest First real Artificial Intelligence for Classic Business Board match, third after Deep Blue for both Chess and AlphaGo for Go Service for most official rules by the book Both Vertical and Horizontal designs Extensive game customization choices with support for bulk of home rules AI advice at any moment in game to accelerate your learning Variable cartoon speed and improved balance permit the normal match to be completed within 10-15 minutes Every single AI in each match is unique and has its own personality which defines its risk taking or risk averse tendencies as well as the attitude towards property. AIs are excellent at imitating real people: they may be annoyed, distressed or greedy in different stages of the match Frequent updates with new features: http://quadropoly.com.au/app-releases/ Feedback loop. Uses all but a couple of advanced tactics out there. Emulates a person with tremendous experience and IQ of 110 Entrepreneur: Uses 85% of all available approaches. Has powerful biases towards each set, either loves or hates them profoundly. Has 65 percent chance to neglect to trade build throughout his turn. Emulates a person with a lot of expertise and IQ of 90 Tradie: Uses only half of the tactics out there. Has extremely strong views towards each set, either negative or positive but not neutral. Has 83% chance of needing to trade or build during his turn. Emulates a person with less than 200 games experience and IQ of 75 Beginner: Doesn't propose transactions to AI, utilizes only 30 percent of tactics available Student: Doesn't propose transactions to AI, utilizes just 20 percent of tactics available, can just have lease of under $400 Be warned: Tradie AI is much wider than anything else you have ever seen before Visit www.quadropoly.com.au for strategy tips and special insights to AI learning Here is a Pro model - Online Multiplayer, all AI degrees, zero advertisements, larger board, unlimited accounts and Replays for play games! Support & feedback: clevermindgames@gmail.com Powered by Python, Kivy & Kivent
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