Evolution Galaxy: Mutant Animals Merge Idle Tycoon

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Author: Tapps Games
Category: Games, Casual
Rating: 4.2
Size: 46M
Version: 1.13.8
Your efforts have helped many mutant creatures develop in space, water and land. It's time to get GALACTIC! Use the power of monster maker 2.9. Evolution as you've never experienced it before! Start by sending your imagination to space with this clicker game. You can become the best mutant maker! Enjoy this space simulator game and explore the secrets of galaxy. You can combine different species of mutant animals from planets you discover with the monster maker 2.9 technology. This will allow you to create a brand new Evolution simulator game. You can combine many animal species into an expanding universe with the ease of clicking gamer, and enjoy the wonder of evolution simulation. Although we don't know the answer, there will be clicker games! GALACTIC RESERVES Different planets in the vast space-game simulator. Use monster maker 2.9 technology for creating mutant animals in sloth, rabbit, and fox-themed worlds. More creatures will soon be added to this space game. You can meet the Gods in Space: In this rEvolucionary click gamer you will find galactic beings that are just waiting for creative mutant makers like yours! Watch out for impostors who try to take the spotlight away from the creatures. HOW TO PLAY Drag-and-drop similar creatures to make new mutants. You will be the best mutant maker ever in this game! To earn coins and buy more creatures, you can use creature eggs. You also have the option to tap the creature fiercely to pop their eggs. This is a space clicker that combines the excitement of clicking with a challenging game. HIGHLIGHTS Space game that features many stages. You can discover new species of creature to help you become the best mutant maker in space. A space simulator with an amazing storyline and surprising twists. Enjoy the unexpected combination of animal evolution simulation and incremental gameplay from clicker games. This evolution simulator has doodle-like illustrations. This game was created using the power of the monster maker. 2.9. No creature or developers were hurt in its creation. Did you think helping the galaxy grow is an unrealistic dream? Young one, that's an extremely MILKY way to see things! You can use the monster maker technology 2.9 to increase the amount of living creatures in this space game that is constantly changing!
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