Peace, Death!

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Category: Games, Arcade
Rating: 4.6
Size: 38M
Version: Varies with device
Is a arcade simulator with difficulties. In this game, you play like the Reaper working for the boss, Death, in Apocalypse, Inc.. You face a question: undergo a trial period of seven months to receive a permanent project and advance the interests of your employer. Characteristics. You want to examine each client's feature to ascertain his, her, or its fate. There are far more features daily and the game becomes more difficult. Your customer maintains a pistol? Send him to Hell unless he changes his head and falls weapons. Is your customer a hat-lover? If you send him to Heaven? No, it's not that easy! To begin with, take the hat off, and you might notice the horns. Being a superhero, killer, or a angel are characteristics, too. Catastrophes. These are exceptional events, they are rapid and unexpected, therefore Reaper is pressed through time. However, you have to devote clients correctly to complete a tragedy, unlock new customers and boost Death's influence! Unlucky pirates, bear flu outbreak in Siberia, battling for a free soup - those are just some of the catastrophes. Events. Each week you'll face a brand new occasion. The more days you worked, the more events you have. Trainees' phone calls, safes with smuggled goods, undercover representatives of Paradox, kidnappers. All of them pose some difficulties but help you to develop into the best in the biz. Why, you can even cook a soup! Topic Days. Each seventh day is a subject day. You will choose customers' destiny for a unique soundtrack corresponding to the spirit of the chosen theme. Egypt? Certainly! Mother Russia? Nostrovia! Pirate day? Yo-ho-ho! What else? Horsemen tasks, humorous customers' phrases, lots of testimonials and easter eggs, bonuses, penalties, and very specific clients all this will establish your future since the Reaper decide the match ending! In Hand of F: Everlasting match. You wanted, you requested, and you obtained. More than one hundred Fate cards, which affect your working day. New catastrophes. Inquisitors, mad youtubers, a deserted island, along with even a Pestilence's holiday! New characters. Famous and anonymous. Your very own large flat. Beyond others' wildest fantasies. Improvements. Food. Quests. Favorite kinds of your working place. And much more in Peace, Death! Length of F. Good fortune, Reaper! Also Peace, Death! Available with Google Play Pass!
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