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Author: TheFabulous
Category: Health & Fitness
Rating: 4.6
Size: 90M
Version: 3.68
Google's Material Design Award winner for most charming engagement Nominated to Google Plays Best App Award. Incubated by Duke University Behavioral Economics Lab Fabulous, this app is more than a simple habit tracker. Our app is science-based and will help you improve your health, lose weight, reset your sleep cycles, reduce anxiety, and learn mindfulness. It will help you create a positive morning routine, and teach you how to practice meditation and yoga. We want to help you develop healthy habits. It doesn't work to use any kind of habit tracker for anything other than to practice yoga or meditate, and to remind you to exercise. We can be your personal coach and help you develop habits that improve mental health, such as anxiety, motivation, and productivity. Get a new habit tracker for your planner and reach your productivity and health goals. Fantastic can be used to motivate you to get a new morning routine, increase your exercise and sleep cycles, lose weight, or create a healthier lifestyle. These healthy habits will help you improve your mental well-being and achieve your desired goals. We said that Fabulous is more than a simple habit tracker. Fabulous can be your motivator to exercise and lose weight. It also serves as your daily routine kick start. TOP 6 Reasons to Use Fabulous If you have an irregular sleeping pattern and would like to know how to achieve a restful night's sleep, here are six reasons to use Fabulous. Are you struggling with your weight and don't know what to do? Do you need motivation to create an unstoppable morning routine? Do you want to have more energy and be more focused throughout the day? ADHD makes it hard to improve productivity. You can improve your mental well-being by focusing on mindfulness to help you cope with anxiety. Our integrated health sessions will take your workouts and fitness to the next level. We will guide you through all of the sessions, and much more. A 7 minute scientific workout that will help you lose weight. WHAT'S AMAZING? Smart-targeted, health-focused advice that helps you create a routine for exercise. A science-based method to track your progress. Your personal life coach to motivate you. Integrated sessions to help with meditation, relaxation, yoga and other activities. An extensive library of tools to increase productivity and focus to make your mornings more productive. Talk to us about how our amazing program has helped improve your mental health, weight loss and other goals.
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