Soul essence: adventure platformer game

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Author: EDi iLab game
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 0.0
Size: Varies with device
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Soul essence is an adventure platformer that combines action RPG with 2D platformer and pixel art. This is a classic dark, hardcore platformer of dark fantasy. A classic warrior character with a sword and shield, and many rolls and blocks. Soul essence combines both classic metroidvania with Soulslike. This 2D adventure RPG platformer is colorful and fun. 2D platformer game made with passion by platformer enthusiasts for platformer fans. It can be played offline and without the internet. This game is part of the TOP platform games. You'll love adventure platform games that have bosses and a storyline. It's nice to have pixel graphics, and an offline mode that doesn't require the Internet. MORE GAMES. You can follow the story and explore different locations, fight enemies, or collect items to upgrade your knight. You will travel to many strange locations, including castles, forests of shadows, wastelands, and dungeons. You cannot save your progress in these levels. After death, you must start again. The location of enemies will also change. The platform game's levels and dialogues with bosses, as well as other stories are all fully translated in Russian and English. Soon, translations will be available into German, French and Portuguese. Dark fantasy platformer game features: 2D action-adventure platformer featuring nostalgic action gameplay. You will be able to explore the game's platforming levels and defeat your enemies while collecting rare items and treasures. Different fighting styles are available to opponents: crossbows, magic, swords, shields, and blades. This allows for various styles of battle. The RPG elements will allow the hero to collect rare items such as artifacts and weapons, armor, or decorations. The game has 50 levels, which can be used to boost the player's game experience. The Souls series has a separate area for boss fights that last 5 hours. Beautiful pixel graphics and NPCs as well as enemies, hero animations and elaborate items. Unexplored locations and boss battles, as well as a random store. Over 60 sounds and music in retro dark fantasy style. Even on low-powered devices, this 2D game is the most balanced and optimal. You can play the game without an internet connection, and you get free levels. The difficulty of the games increases with each level. A non-linear adventure platformer that is sure to impress: This adventure platformer takes you into a destroyed kingdom, ruled over by a church. Continue the fight for control. After the "essence" penetration, chaos reigned over the world. One demon that only wants death. The order of knights saved all, and the kingdom could have been destroyed. The demon was captured and taken from his realm. Evil has a terrible habit of coming back. A group of cultists summoned an ancient demon to the world, and then instilled it into a child. At the request of the cultists, the child was raised and went to search for three fragments that, they claimed, would help him expel his demon. Our hero or hero will need to continue his search for truth and justice. Even the most close people can still use you for their purposes. GAME STORE & RPG INVENTORY. Oddi is a merchant who wanders around and will assist you in your battle against bosses or enemies. You can find the unique RPG equipment you need in his shop, including weapons, armor, and decorations. Or you could sell items you have found on enemies or bosses. You can also find rare scrolls of training and other artifacts to help strengthen your knight. Play our adventure games offline now, so don't delay!
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