Pocket Rogues: Ultimate

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Author: EtherGaming
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.6
Size: Varies with device
Version: Varies with device
Here, you have to take your way out of hordes of creatures by travel via unique and randomly generated locations and create your own fortress and heroes. Real-time conflicts will challenge some hardcore player, and search for surroundings and lots of unusual techniques will engage you for long hours. For several centuries, a dim dungeon was beckoning hapless travelers with its secrets and treasures. One after the other, they disappeared after having met the actual Evil, but gloomy legends just heating up new and new adventurers itches. Why not to grow into one of these?! FEATURES: The match is completely played in real time with no pauses between its stages! Move, dodge challenges and move around a flank! That is an elaborated combat system focusing primarily on the character controller and also a players skills. There are numerous classes of heroes here: each has exceptional skills, specific gear and their own dendrogram. Every descent is unique! Everything, from locations and critters to loot and casual encounters, is created during the match. You will never get two identical dungeons! The game includes unique locations: each of these has its own visual design, unique enemies, traps and interactive objects; and you'll be able to move between all open locations. Your own fortress: you can build and improve erections in the land of this Guild Fortress, by strengthening and opening new heroes, as well as gaining access to new sport techniques. Regular upgrades. The sport has been supported and actively developed for a lengthy time period, in close contact with the community and active players. The top edition of the game is designed to simplify the extraction of jewels and maximize your gambling experience. ULTIMATE-VERSION FEATURES: The variety of all the gems, acquired by killing monsters, bosses and for finishing tasks, is raised by 50% Added the ability to save game before leaving, being at almost any normal dungeon, as well as auto-save whilst decreasing the game Added the ability to begin the dungeon from 5/10/25/50 floors, should you clear that the corresponding number of floors within this location The multiplayer features are expanded: you can start the game in the 5/10/25/50 floors, and in the future it will be possible to make rooms for up to 4 individuals. All locations except that the initial three will be available for multiplayer only in the Ultimate version Berserk, Necromancer and all future premium courses and premium buildings are available for golden (from the free version - to get gems) All ordinary dungeons are completely free - - - TRANSFER PROGRESS FROM THE FREE VERSION TO POCKET ROGUES: ULTIMATE If the rescue wasn't transferred automatically, it is possible to do it manually.
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