WindWings: Space shooter, Galaxy attack (Premium)

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Author: GCenter
Category: Games, Arcade
Rating: 4.5
Size: 71M
Version: 1.0.21
Players are going to have more expertise. At exactly precisely the same time, players will be awarded things as bellow: Premium forever Free Trooper craft. No advertisements ADVENTURE STORY: The match is developed based on a fantasy story about a soldier that inadvertently went through a time gap to the future. Later on, people have developed to an advanced level of science and technology and started trying to find remote planets in space. They created many modern and powerful warships to fulfill this dream. The soldier once again joins the army to join the trip to find the promise land and also their fleet encounters many warlike monsters in space. They not only attacked spaceships but also led straight to invade the ground. A true war has begun. You may play with the soldier that takes charge of the entire spaceshipand protects the ground and contributes other space scrafts. Destroy and split the enemy's strategies. - Players can bring two kinds of aircrafts into battle, each has a special property. Players will utilize appropriate aircraft in time to time. - Many types of creatures are sophisticatedly designed with unique types of attacks. - Lots of rounds are continuously updated with a number of diverse challenges for players to experience. - Lots of warships, each has a different layout and application of a different sort of ammunition. Players can optionally customize and combine. - Besides the main spaceship, there are 2 assistants to increase the combat capability. - Upgrade your attack power, aircraft speed with Laser missiles, mega-boms and magnets. - The game features a great balance of problem, appropriate for both novices and hardcore players. - Lots of support equipment to assist aircraft increase combat capability. - Diverse tasks and attractive rewards - Diversify the map from the ground to distant places in the world. - Images and sounds blended harmoniously provides players a excellent experience. HOW TO PLAY: - Twist the screen and proceed to prevent enemys attacks, take back and ruin them. - Click to alter the aircraft in accordance with each type of enemy. - Collect bullets and equipment to update the aircraft. - Utilize support features during a crisis or when confronting enemies that are strong.
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