Space Commander: War and Trade

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Author: Home Net Games
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.3
Size: 110M
Version: 1.5.1
Space Commander: Trade and War is a single-player space-sim that features stunning graphics, intuitive combat and complex mechanics. There are many campaigns that offer different experiences, from an arcade shooter to a sandbox RPG. BE A SPACE PLOTTER Build your own fleet using a variety of ship types! You can choose from lightweight fighters, heavy bombers or large transporters. You can customize and enhance your vessels according to your play style. To be more effective in combat and trading, you can gain experience by upgrading your Commander Skills. FIND YOUR CAREER IN MERCENARY, TRADE OR MOBSTER. Delta Merc is your ticket to the action. Be an honorable space ranger and the strong arm for the law by joining Delta Merc. You may prefer to work in peace with Motus, a company that provides escort services and lucrative trading missions. You can break the law to become a space pirate by joining Syndicate, a rogue group of smugglers who focus on attacking all ships in the galaxy. You'll be able to access more difficult and lucrative missions by earning reputation points for each faction. DIVE IN DEEEP TO ENGAGE MECHANICS An integrated economy, varied station wares and trade systems provide an additional layer of gameplay. For a transport company to succeed, it is important that you manage fuel consumption and find the most profitable trade route. You can buy space stations or build production modules if you have enough credits. Our expanse module allows you to explore the farthest corners and star systems of the galaxy. MAKE A DECISION TO JOIN THE MIX OF CORPORATE WAR, OR FIGHT ALIENS. Space Commander: Trade offers a variety of campaigns that offer unique experiences to everyone. YOU CAN BE THE SPACE COMMANDER The Pirate creators have released a new space sandbox RPG. Your fleet can be managed, built and customized. Faction missions allow you to choose your career. Our expanse module allows you to explore different star systems. Multiple campaigns offer unique gaming experiences.
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