Table Tennis ReCrafted!

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Author: Ianaa
Category: Games, Sports
Rating: 4.0
Size: 97M
Version: 1.063 Global
1. A tournament experience A brand new tournament experience created through a real table tennis player. Scenes modelled after actual tournament scenes. 2. Practice Mode Play 7 exercise modes and yolo with forehand top-spins, backhand top-spins, cubes! Practise with multi-ball coaching in these types of modes: a. Forehand-backhand swing b. Forehand-middle-backhand c. Step-around forehand d. Random 3. Face off hard simulated A.I. Play against 6 simulated world champions. Top spin rallies, side-spins, drop-shots, pendulum solutions, reverse-pendulum solutions, banana flick... 4. Play with 3 distinct controllers Three controllers are readily available. Auto mode for the player. Semi-auto for one who desires more control. Manual for professional table tennis players and trainers. 5. . So fast! X'D 6. Unstoppable rallies Long rallies like you'd see in the Olympic games. Have fun~ 7. Made through a real table tennis player This match is made through a real table tennis player. Would you enjoy table tennis too? =D 8. Practice tight and never miss a beat! 9. Save training fees Personal training fees are costly. Save yourself thousands of dollars and dinning table tennis inexpensively through this match! There couldn't have been a superior virtual instruction experience! CONDITIONS You agree that people offer this game to you subject to: (I) the regulations and laws of your jurisdiction, and also (ii) which you consent with our Privacy Policy. ( LOCATION DETECTION On your approval, Table Tennis ReCrafted! May access your device's background location so we could (I) optimise your in-game nation and language settings and (ii) release announcements for tournament events in your region. We will also utilize such data to provide advertisements.
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