BlastZone 2: Arcade Shooter

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Author: Matt Edzenga
Category: Games, Arcade
Rating: 4.2
Size: 53M
BlastZone two is a action packed 3D side scrolling arcade shooter(shmup/space shooter) with fast paced cinematic combat, super weapons, and big bosses! ** Play All 6 Game Modes ** * Mission Mode - A 35 minute , 8 mission cinematic adventure with hundreds of unique hand revived enemies and large directors. Includes special 3D gameplay mechanics and a 2nd person shooter area! * BlastZone 1 - Recreation of the original TI-85 game; a simple defend the base mode match * Classic A Mode - A greatly enhanced version of BlastZone 1; a shield the base mode game with beam weapons and a points chain system. Destroy all enemies before they pass your boat or it's game over. * Vintage B Mode - Much like Classic A, however using a points pool strategy; every action either adds to or subtracts from the points value and the player should stop the game at the perfect point to receive a high score. The game keeps getting harder; get overly cocky and you could lose it all! * Survival Mode - Similar controller strategy to Mission Mode, but with significantly generated amounts and a distinctive multiplier scoring system which depends on ability shots to get the best score. * Blitz Mode - like Survival Mode, however massively increases the amount of enemies on screen and offers you a completely powered boat from the beginning to combat them. The trick to this manner is to maintain hyper power to maintain these weapons powered; operating from energy can mean certain death out of the big swarms of enemies! *Added Features include: -Cooperative multiplayer support via Bluetooth or locally when two gamepads are connected -2D controls, however with risks and gameplay elements moving around in full 3D area -Wonderful OpenGL 3D graphics that scales to any size display -Difficulty levels intended for new players around genre veterans so everyone could have fun -4 expansive game play environments, such as mountains, and caves, and outer space -7 crackling boats, each with unique play styles, weapons, and abilities -15 weapon styles and variations of these including beams, fee shots, and explosives -Hundreds of different enemy types, each with different behaviours and stats -A Turbo style for each of these survival manners for experienced players -World Leaderboard assistance for each and every game mode -Supports MOGA and generic gamepads -Added content and features to be released free of *Exclusive mobile features: -New controller approaches: classic D-Pad, relative touch placement, and direct touch positioning -Can not play through the whole game in one sitting? Your progress is automatically saved when you stop so you can resume it later! -Beautiful OpenGL 3D graphics to display your Android device! -Battery Saver style
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