Sentinel 3: Homeworld

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Author: Origin8 Technologies Ltd.
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.4
Size: 32M
Version: 1.4.2
The next installment of this award winning Sentinel sci-fi tower shield collection! Just take the fight to the alien homeworld and unleash a enormous arsenal of weaponry & catch close up and personal on the battle in your power armor to perform devastating attacks and support your defenses! FEATURING: ** Generic support for phones & tablets - using HD resolution graphic support! ** A gruelling effort across 20 levels! ** A second epic effort with additional enemies, weapons and attributes! ** A strong commander unit that may level up and gain new skills as you play! ** More than 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship firearms, automatic drones and skills at your disposal! ** Customize your weapon loadout from the Armory to suit the demands of this mission. ** Optional IAP - Accelerate your game by simply unlocking weapons and fostering your Commanders skills! ** Beautiful images & fx! ** Endless modes for all maps! ** Classic mode permits you to compete for scores in a pristine skill-based game style! ** Exclusive music by Specimen A! Thank you for enjoying Sentinel 3: Homeworld along with your fantastic worldwide service - keep it coming! ** Please notice: This program requires extra information to be downloaded when run for the very first time. ** A 19MB add-in is needed with a further 38MB for HD support. ** HD users needing to play with Campaign two will need an extra 13MB download. Notices! * In-App Purchases are connected to your Google Checkout account, not your own devices. * If you encounter corrupted images when utilizing the HD package please install it over the sport, your device may not be capable like the DROIDX; deficiency of video memory so stick to normal resolution images. There is not any'data mining' occurring and never has been despite a few'reviewers' asserting there to be. Any permissions granted are for use with the Google Play Billing program only, we use nothing .
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