World of Prandis

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Author: Oryugengames
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.6
Size: 74M
Version: 2.1.9
World of Prandis Real MMORPG: Non Automobile Play! Appreciate MMORPG with users all around the world! It's strongly recommended for these folks. If you dislike mass production type automatic game. If you want free games such as PC MMORPG. If you want to jump into the sport. If you enjoy control to attack whilst moving If you like PVP should you want to study character and gear settings If you like games that have been upgraded for years If you want to explore while still flying into a vast world The Priest class was added. It's a heavenly priesthood blessed by God. Heal wounded soldiers and shield friendly soldiers. Faith Stance Equip a One-Handed Cross and Holy Water, and treat the ally with God's blessing. Repentance Stance Equip a Two-Handed Cross and kill the enemy using the energy of God. -------------------------------------------------- Let's connect with all the users from throughout the world (Supporting 20 languages) Female VS Person, The Winner? You become just one of both decks of Femina (Female) or even Virr (Male). You're able to fly in 100% open world that wasn't found in the current game. If you're bored of mass-produced auto games, enjoy PC MMORPG on your cellphone! Auction house or 1: 1 transaction is possible. From the world, opponent camps and absolutely free field wars are still possible. Virr (male) VS Femina (feminine ) You are able to select 7 classes from two camps. (Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Assassin, Mage, Warlock, Priest) Various expertise such as collecting, mining, fishing, cooking, manufacturing, alchemy, and trading Dungeon, Raid, Arena, Battlefield, Field Reid Boss, Coliseum, etc. are available. Now, grow your personal character and show off your strength! Official Facebook
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