Cinema 14: Thrilling Mystery Escape

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Author: SoyaDaizu
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.4
Size: 45M
Version: 3.2J3
She remembers the rumor that one has to finish the film for its curse to be raised. It had been no forum fable, no laughing matter. She has to escape. Her choices were scarce and the only path she could detect only led her into a strange room. Beds? Cabinets and wood flooring. It almost appeared to be a standard bedroom before she captured the eerie sight of everything had been looking at her from afar. Shivers raced through her spine from only a glance. . It... it had been a doll... standing right in front of the old wooden door. It had been sporting a faded Japanese kimono and also had a face expressionless as a corpse, no eyeballs, only clean eye sockets. There is no other way round it. That is the only door that may be the departure, she thought. She left slow brittle measures while her eyes pinned to the doll and suddenly she stopped." ..." It moved. She was very convinced it MOVED! *GONG!!!! * An abrupt ominous clang reverberated the atmosphere around her. It was a hint. Something was coming, among us! She panicked. The doll, it's gone! She could escape of the door! She jolted and dashed her solution to it! But when her hand had been about to touch the knob... It twisted." ..." Her heart jumped a beat. "H-Hello?" she stuttered. The door slowly creaked open, frosty atmosphere swooped beneath followed by a mortal hum in the silence. She knew immediately. "It's not human!" It's time, make your choice. *Block the door with the things around you. *Lock the door with all the chains beside it Your activities will determine her fate! Can she wake up against the odd nightmare knowing that the truth? Or will she drop into her death in the results of the decisions she made? All of 14 endings will show the small nightmares and finally determining the past, present, and potential. The story at Cinema 14 is pushed by visual book inspired storytelling. Journey through the mystery adventure as the secrets unfold. Find all of the telltale signs. Can you escape the horror? Are you going to run from the haunting truth? ... or join the celebration?" ..." Hush... my kid, escape is inevitable.... . .the neighbors can't hear you either. 14 Endings. She's trapped in Cinema 14 and her only way out is to finish the film. Escape from the clutches of the unknown risks. Survive the hall of horror and see the reels of both mystery unfold. Follow Cinema 14 around Facebook for the latest upgrades: Read the Societal Prologue: Unique game attributes: Intriguing narrative Escape the area RPG Unravel the mystery along together with your choices Kinetic book with animated graphics Challenging and randomized puzzles Quick-time reactions Story and Casual game modes Cinema14, available in English and Chinese. **This game saves fresh information automatically once you go back to the Cinema. Free version only lets neighborhood deliveries. **Each single time a checkpoint is reached, you might continue out there in the event of exiting the game * Single participant mystery horror game * Free version includes ads * In-app purchased items will be retrieved when reinstalled. * Free version Save files are stored locally, uninstalling removes saves. * Cloud saves available with any in program purchase Cinema14 Privacy Policy:
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