Carpet Bombing 2

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Author: Synthetic Mind
Category: Games, Arcade
Rating: 4.5
Size: 104M
Version: 1.21
Retro-style Jet fighter and Bombing games that include attack helicopters. You must adapt, engage, search, and destroy your enemy. Combat - Arcade mode enables you to move quickly from one level to the next without needing to land or take off. For those looking for a better flight experience, Combat - Simulator mode is available. It includes fuel management, critical hits and ground repairs. There are endless modes available for Simulation and Combat Arcade. You can choose your plane, fight the enemy, and see what you can do. Level-up weapons carry over to the next level. Base Defense mode: Protect your base against waves after waves enemies. What will it take to defend your base? Campaign mode – You are the hero in Arctic Strike's part 1. A small, isolated nation must be protected from an enemy that will bully them and take all their valuable resources. There are 15 types of aircraft that you can upgrade, master and fly. You can fly 10 different levels and have a unique experience every time. Accessible web-based game manual that includes up-to-date video tutorials. You can track your progress and compare it with other players on the leaderboard. No intrusive ads. You won't be able to see or hear any interruptions in your game play. No Internet connection required. Play wherever and whenever you want! Your questions will be answered by a dedicated team. Regular updates will bring you more improvements, tweaks and user feedback. Carpet Bombing 2 is a great game. Please help us to improve it. CB2 continues to be a project. Feedback and suggestions from players are key to many game enhancements. We want to know what you think is missing. This game guide includes many video tutorials that will help you understand all the aspects of it. You can still get help if you need it. We are available to help you by email.
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