RTS Siege Up! - Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline

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Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.5
Size: 39M
Version: 1.1.80
Protect and seize strongholds throughout the medieval world. You can easily give commands to any unit of the army or entire armies. Real-time collection of resources. With an autosaving system, you don't have to worry about losing progress. You can play portrait or vertical. You can build anything, and you can train melee, archers, or cavalry with no artificial timers. - Build medieval castles of stone or wood walls! To break down walls, you can build catapults and other warcraft! Your stronghold is protected by archers, cavalry and melee. You can capture and defend mines with naval units and fishing boats. Comfort micromanagement in 3D. Save/load and save game. Autosaving. You can play portrait and landscape orientations in a custom game that uses random bots. Online play possible. People: Workers - Extract resources. They are able to cut wood or work on farms. If necessary, they can also fight. Mules are used to transport resources from mines. Fishing boats are used for fishing. It is a great way to get food. This is a cost-effective way to collect food. Be careful not to injure soldiers. Warships are useful for attacking land objects. Capture mine Barracks can be used to capture it Shooting ranges are for crossbowmen and archers Stables can also be used as a training ground. Shipyards, which build boats and ships, and shipyards that make catapults. Towers are used to attack enemies. You can get many health points. Walls are made up of towers and wall elements as well as stairs, gates, and stairs. The walls can be accessed by most soldiers. Only catapults can be used to destroy walls. You can repair walls that have been completely destroyed. In the early stages of the game you will need to create an efficient economy. You should have enough resources to create a plan army. Protection is important. At the start of each game, build one to two towers. The army will need reinforcements during an attack. You can set up a point of gathering for your warriors with barracks.
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