Idle Grail Quest - Knight Management RPG

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Author: Aerilys
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 3.6
Size: 102M
Version: 1.2
This isn't your typical idle Fantasy RPG. It is... *Reads his script*. *Idle Grail Quest*. Are these really the descriptions people read? Although I am sure you paid me for this, it is true that... We'll get to it. You can follow the adventures and recruit* of the Knighthood for the Holy Grail in *Idle Grail Quest* You can form a group of heroes from wizards and knights and improve your power while going on epic quests. You'll love the fighting, but you will also enjoy the good stories and the bad puns. You can progress in *Idle Grail Quest* without ever thinking about it. Even when you aren't playing, you can still earn rewards and bonuses! You don't have to play a lot! You don't need to know how to tap or strategize to succeed. Follow the tale of the Knighthood as they attempt to return to Camelot. To discover the secrets of this world, meet heroes such as Gawain and Merlin. Are you coming back from another world? It's not like finding the Holy Grail was easy enough. Gamedevs, get on it! Explore the fantasyland of Hyperborea through multiple game modes. You can enter the Tower of Champions and fight in Multiplayer Arena. Also, you will be able to compete in Guilds War and earn rewards and glory**. -Enter epic Dungeons and discover them. They must be explored. It's not about picking between levels A42 or A43. It will be difficult to navigate darkened rooms and avoid traps. You must also fight monsters. Our dungeonnin’ spirit has not been lost! *** -Fight others in the online PvP arena **** and the weekly Contest of Heroes. You can earn rewards for doing good and you will be the Master Knight. No matter what that means. Join the Weekly Online Guilds War and determine who wins between the brave warriors, fearless wizards, or cunning merchants. You can collect heroes from all 5 tribes. Hyperborea includes knights, demons as well as undead wizards. You'll find plenty of ways to turn them into your friend or foe throughout your adventure. You can level up, upgrade, and ascend your heroes to unlock more powerful warriors. Every hero offers endless possibilities and is completely unique! It's finally possible to go home. Oh, wait, Hyperborea is what I have been using. You live a wonderful life, my dear friend. Hello reader! Perhaps you could download the game to help me get back home. Yours truly, The Unknown Knight Notes : * Recruitment sessions held every Friday at 5PM to 7PM in the Tavern of the Old Duck in Camelot. ** This is a friendly reminder to remind you that glory does not exist and that it's an in-game currency. *** It's a lie. You can keep the rewards you earn in the dungeon. You can keep the rewards you have earned if you pass away mid-game. Endowment effect is not a trick. **** No actual fighting between people. Only algorithms that simulate fights between heroes metadata. What is an algorithm, you ask?
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