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Author: Gradient Health Apps
Category: Health & Fitness
Rating: 4.7
Size: 3.4M
Version: 4.04.0
Healthline's Best Migraine Apps 2020 List 4.8 stars, more than 80,000 user reviews. Night Shift Blue Light Filter For Migraine Night Shade is an ideal night filter that provides warmlight to the screen to protect your eyes from light blue. It also allows you to read comfortably at night and cures sleeplessness. Night light anti-glare can be used to reduce eye strain, protect the eyes against bluelight flux, which can cause sleeplessness, insomnia, restlessness, chronic migraines, glaucoma, cataracts, and disrupt your circadian rhythm. Blue light: Blue light is part of the natural spectrum. It disrupts the circadian rhythm, causes sleeplessness and headaches, and can also cause eye damage. Screen light bluelight, unlike red night shades, blocks the release of sleep hormone melatonin and can cause restlessness. Night filter anti-glare should not be used at night for care of the retina. Bad eye health, eye strain, fatigue, and cataracts are some of the negative side effects of blue flux. Night Shift Blue Light Filter For Migraine is your anti-glare nightscreen and warmlight night mode. It helps to relieve eye strain during night reading and prevents chronic headaches. The red light night mode is ideal for protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. This includes glaucoma and melatonin deficiencies, as well as insomnia. It is common for cataracts to develop slowly. Make sure you use your bluelight filter as a nightlight and twilight light source as soon as possible. Night Shift-Blue Light Filter to Migraine: Includes premade blue light filter - Choose from one of five anti-glare bluelight flu filters. This will activate the night mode (red light), and allow you to protect your eyes against harmful natural blue rays. Night filter can be used to relieve eye strain, macular damage, cataracts, and glaucoma during nighttime reading. Night mode filters can be saved and edited - You can create and edit night filter filters that will help you rest from the screen or to make night filters. These night filters are designed to fix your circadian rhythm and prevent sleeplessness, insomnia, and lack of melatonin. To protect your eyes from the natural blue light rays, dim below the system's minimum. Because it acts as a nightlight, the night shade warmlight is ideal for eye health and headache relief. Temperature customization: Use the "Temperature” palette to adjust your blue light filter's temperature to a warmer or cooler setting. As a bluelight flux filter, twilight-looking red lights colors can be used to treat tired eyes, eye strain and chronic migraine relief. Color customization: Use the "Color" palette for color adjustment. You can adjust your screen's tint, intensities and dimness. The night filter is designed to provide eye protection and migraine relief. The letters R, G, and B indicate red, green, and blue. The night light helps to rest tired eyes and increases melatonin. To improve your eye health, you can set up an automatic filter schedule. This allows you to choose when the night mode of anti-glare will be active and off. To prevent the formation of cataracts and combat restlessness and insomnia, ensure that your blue light filter remains on at night.
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