⚫️ TEGRA ⚫️ Crafting and Building Survival Shooter

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Author: Avega Games
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 3.9
Size: 72M
Version: 1.2.14
Do you like survival shooter games with wonderful graphics and intriguing story? Tegra its a first-person shooter, and that you need to shoot hordes of monsters and zombies from the other world. This survival shooter tells story about the magic cataclysm that happened as a result of which many worlds were mixed. Portals in the world of Tegra have opened into our world, through which most magical monsters and zombies have jeopardized. Fight for survival from a huge open world. Pick the best shooting guns to fight against the creatures which are walking toward you personally. Download Tegra: Craft, take and endure versus zombies in among the ideal first-person survival shooters. That game not just a clone. Unique original survival match. The player is your preferred person who is designed to balance the worlds and prevent the complete beat into our world. First youll have to locate food and craft a few primitive tools. Install to endure, craft and build in a huge open world. #1 Zombie Survival Shooter. Unique craft method get tools, hunt, find many useful items or weapons. - Among the best survival simulator youve ever observed. - Investigate the world and gather resources. - A fascinating storyline. - Interactivity of the world with the surroundings. - Unique diverse amounts. - possess an assortment of game scenarios. - Lots of unique opponents, zombies and supervisors. Are you ready to act in this amazing crafting survival shooter sport? If you dont wish to be dead, then try to craft finest gear and take and kill all zombie and creatures in that shooting match! Survive in the enormous open zombie universe. Start your journey and become a fanatic. Hunt. Craft. Survive. Start your very best survival adventure! Online multiplayer will be available shortly. Follow our news feed to be the very first to know as soon as you're able to play along with friends!
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