Double Head Shark Attack - Multiplayer

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Author: BigCode Games
Category: Games, Arcade
Rating: 3.9
Size: 41M
Version: 8.8
Multiplayer Game play: Play as a shark with other online players. Your job is to discover letters from the ocean to produce a word. Its a brand new idea of word hunt within a simulation sport. Eat the other online players to fill out the word. Larger sharks will eat smaller sharks. So, upgrade to Big Shark to consume different players. Single Player Game play: Welcome to the different worlds of submerged shark matches. Hunt for your goals on the beach & underwater fishes, animals & humans from the sport to live & make coins. Eat to power up with 100s of crunchy yummy & dangerous animals in the ocean like baby sharks, jellyfish, plants etc.. This inaugural simulation game has stunning quality, 3D graphics, & cool sound effects which will drive you crazy. Get the Double headed sharks to dress up using the freak in' outfits such as different types of hats, weapons, headphones, hammer, axe, magical wands & a lot more exciting accessories. Try out the Terminator shark which can transform into miniature shark to consume its prey. Hey! These simulator sharks are colossal, insane, freaky powers & sexier than just waiting to attack their prey. Share & accumulate all the sharks submerged to become the king to rule out the submerged ocean. This is one of the greatest shark matches. Learn more about the unseen world of sharks and their lifestyle . Game Play Features: Multiplayer way to perform with your friends. Connect & search your prey in different worlds. Explore with various types of sharks with crazy qualities to look for. Solve the word mystery in Multiplayer mode. Different Shark power ups. Different Shark upgrades to search & survive. Friendly UI & enjoyable FREE game playwith. - Search and consume letters from the ocean to fill out the term puzzle goal. - Upgrade to bigger shark to consume players that are online. Let's see how powerful you are & how long you compete to live underwater with your friends. Double Head Shark Attack Features: First Multiplayer sport in shark Category! Particular Missions & Objectives to complete in single player mode. Free Game with a great deal of prizes & rewards! Languages Supported: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu & Tamil Do you enjoy that Double Headed Shark Attack? Don't forget to leave an overview with your feedback. It'll signify that the planet for us! ABOUT US: WeBigcode Games, provide entertainment having a responsibility to maintain quality. We always welcome comments and feedback below. You are asked to comment and review in order that we may make games better for our precious players. Please don't hesitate to suggest us any improvements that could enable us make the sport better. We are experience in simulation sport & casual matches. Thank You for the download. YOUTUBE:-
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