Virtual Town

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Author: Last Day of Work, LLC
Category: Games, Casual
Rating: 3.9
Size: 53M
Version: 0.7.14
A note from the developer: Hi! If you are trying to find the features and"bullet points, then" simply scroll down below this little note. It has been over a few years because we have launched a new sport, here in The Day of Work! Well, this is it, the newest one. Yes, of course it is a real time simulation, however this one is a little different. More than ever beforewe feel as we have created a world. The entire world lives and breathes in your device. Moon phases alter as days go by (similar to in your actual world!) . When the sun places where you are, it is turning to night in Virtual Town. More than ever, we feel as the entire world lives and breathes. Watch seasons change. Watch relationships change. Watch your mayor's adopted little boy or woman grow, and learn to deal with the town. We expect the world we have created immerses you as much as it will us. Something to know, however: just like a real world, this individual will probably be changing and growing. The reality is, we are a small team and putting all that we want within these matches is not always possible. We hope to continue focusing on Virtual Town and creating it deeper, richer, more genuine, and more full of secrets, as the weeks go on. Meanwhile, join us! You are right on time! Help us explore Virtual Town and come with us as we see where it takes us. And where did that former mayor go, anyhow? Together with enthusiasm and excitement, Arthur Humphrey Lead DesignerLast Day of Function Virtual Town is a small abandoned town right in your device! Come in and help out (they want it) . * Handle a living, breathing town. * Authentic"real-time." See it turn from day to night, as your day ends! * Meet interesting, quirky taxpayers. Make friends! Make enemies! * Collect dozens of insects, gems, and botanical species. Restore town . Watch their small world alter like your own! * Build and decorate your infant. Ensure it is awesome. Fill it with stuff. * Adopt a needy child, to increase your own. Train her to help you so that she can finally take over once you retire just as Mayor. * Uncover the secrets of Virtual Town. Where did the original mayor go? Why did he ever leave? Recommended for fans of the other matches (Virtual Villagers, Virtual Families), and also for fans of simulation games! Take a look at our other hit games, too! Bye!
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