Swift Black Substratum Theme +Oreo & Samsung theme

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Author: Nishith Khanna
Category: Personalization
Rating: 4.0
Size: Varies with device
Version: Varies with device
Swift Black is a Substratum theme with 200+ handcrafted overlays, using pitch black to your wallpapers and preserving the apps first accent and main colors wherever possible. It looks amazing on OLED screens and permits you to save battery life too! - Nougat: you may need root, or a habit OMS-ready ROM. About Samsung Nougat, you will need a different, paid add-on developed by the Substratum team. - Oreo: you will need root, or a habit Sysserv ROM, or a separate, paid add-on developed from the Substratum staff to theme with no root by triggering Substratum via ADB. - Samsung Pie ONLY FOR S9, S9+, NOTE 9: you can root your device or use the different, paid add-on developed from the Substratum group to theme without root. - Pie: you must root your device to use any Substratum theme on it! Including any other Samsung Pie device naturally. - Samsung Android 10: it is possible to root your device or use the different, paid add-on created by the Substratum group to theme without any root. INSTALLATION: 1: Make certain that you have all that you want to use the Substratum theme engine. 2: Download the most Substratum theme engine app as well as the theme. When you start up the Substratum app youll locate the theme inside. 3: Open the theme inside the Substratum app and choose your System from the menu at the very top. After that, choose the apps you need to theme and then proceed with installation. 4: Wait till all overlays are set up and then reboot. If you are using Oreo or Pie, you might need to enable all overlays from the"Manager" inside the Substratum app after installing overlays and rebooting to allow them to properly get the job done. Make certain you read the directions in the Documentation! !! Remember to uninstall all of overlays before upgrading your firmware (OTA)!! Instructions for updating and troubleshooting are available here: https://kutt.it/swiftsubsinstallation NEED HELP? If you need help please get in touch with us on Telegram or from email and we'll help you personally based on which system you are using. PLEASE do not report bugs at the inspection system as it's easier for people to help you by email or chat. REFUNDS: if you downloaded the app and you can't use it, you may repay it from the Play Store over 2 hours from cellular and 48 hours in desktop computer as long as it was your first purchase. As an alternative, you can email us your GPA order code within two days of your purchase to allow us to ship out the refund request to Google Play when possible.
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