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Author: BGNmobi Network Technologies
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What is the Advantage of Net Optimizer? -Find & Join the quickest DNS server based on your location & network. -Boost web surfing speed with faster response time. -Fix lag and reduce latency (ping time) on internet games to get improved gaming experience. Features -Just one touch to locate & join fastest DNS host to improve your relationship. -Automatically detect connection changes and optimize your network. -Scan manually all DNS servers with one touch to find all details yourself. -Works for both cellular data (3G/4G/5G) and WiFi connection -Supports many distinct DNS Servers (Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign, Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, SafeDNS, OpenNIC, SmartViper, Dyn, FreeDNS, Alternate DNS, Yandex DNS, UncensoredDNS, puntCAT and much more ) How it works? By optimizing your device's DNS files, you'll discover the fastest routes for your data packets to consider when touring the Internet. It wont increase to your download/upload speed, but in some cases it can result in a significant noticeable progress in web browsing period. At times, you might experience slow hiccups while trying to use the internet from your apparatus. At times, these issues can be credited to your provider's DNS settings because your ISP might not always have the best DNS host speeds. Your default DNS server directly influences how fast youll be able to link to a site. So picking the quickest server according to your location can help speed up browsing. With Net Optimizer, you'll discover the fastest DNS host and link to it with just one touch! So your browsing speed and gaming experience (ping and latency) can be improved. (But you should keep in mind that DNS settings will not impact your internet download / upload speed but response period ) Results Evaluation results showed that a 132.1 percent improvement from utilizing Google's DNS servers over utilizing the inventory DNS servers, but in real-world usage, it may not be that much faster. Still, this one tweak may get you feeling like you've got a blazing connection to the internet!
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