Bid Wars Stars - Multiplayer

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Author: By Aliens
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 3.5
Size: 128M
Version: 1.18.0
When calculating lockers go unpaid, their contents go up for auction to the highest bidder. If you have what it happens, the next forgotten treasure may be yours! Are you up for the danger? Welcome to Storage Battles, a digital Auction Bidding sport which sets you up against other players in real time. Select the Character which is suitable for your bidding style and fight against three other players to see who has stuck with all the garbage, and who takes home the treasure! In each match, bidders begin with exactly the identical sum of money, so you can not buy out all the storage lockers! Have a look in the garage, choose your strategy fast and get ready for the next bid! They do not call it Garage Wars for nothing! Touch and drag the display to move across the digital auction from 3d and find out what prizes might be hiding in the far back of the storage . Attempt to learn the value of each of the items so that you know when to bid and when to pass on a container. But that's not all! There are plot twists which make these Toilet Wars exciting, so listen! Locker Modifiers Locker Modifiers may add exciting changes to each auction, and might have a big impact on your bid. Some storage containers may have extra boxes, while some might have fake items or precious rare antiques! Funny Characters, Over the Top Abilities Select the Character which is suitable for your bidding style, and use their Abilities to your advantage! You will need to be strategic to acquire the Auction War, because you can only use 1 ability per locker. Fight in the Storage Wars Will you battle with"Aggressive" Greg, to throw other players bid? Or"Fun Times" Gina, who will spice the auction upward with more boxes making it feasible to hit it wealthy. If you are more of this detective kind, Analytical Sarah will match your profile. Her calculated guesses will allow you to make a less risky bid. Help us make the best virtual Auction Sport! , bid on some lockers, win against the storage wars, and also let's know what you think! We would like to make this match with your input - possibly the next update will feature your suggestion!
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