Castle Legend3: City of Eternity

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Author: Shanghai Chi Sen Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 3.2
Size: Varies with device
Version: 2.212.1
2000 Dia year, &in distant shore Silert continent,plus a mysterious and powerful alien power arised. They quickly occupied northwest continent with their historical dark magical,&residence of previous Saxon Kingdom. &Meanwhile, the light of sacred sword"Shionoway" faded away...&It had been guarding Poldo Kingdom for thousands of years. It seemed that Poldo Kingdom was doomed,&and everyone was no doubt about it. Even the 81th king of Poldo Kingdom, the old Poldo Leon,&forsaw the annihilation of his kindome. &To prevent this fate, he chose to send his own elite allies,&led by his most outstanding boy, Poldo Rose,&also to cross"Sunset" property and see Garan Castle,&also to figure out why sacred sword faded away and hunt for the power to spare Poldo. &Can Rose's team do like Poldo Simon did a thousand years back,&arrive City of Eternity through Castle Garan,&meet the vital misson from his dad,&and find abosolute electricity? *Sport Features* --Infinite Sex in Dungeon Additionally, there are many sophisticatedly-designed dungeon maps in different themes. In every map, innumerable"easter eggs" await players to research. Different map is safeguarded by different monsters and large boss, which awaits players to battle. Each of the maps are free for everybody. They've distinct present skills. Players can choose and collocate unique skills mix based on different tactics. Millions bits of equipment is intentionally accessible through monsters' falls and exploration benefits. These equipment has distinct extra features and set effects, which can be utilized wisely according to diffrent character category and tactics. Castle Legend 3 has improved the rule of present upgrade. It's a new attempt in Castle Legend series, which makes the game more tactical. --Challenging and Fulfilling Stages Combat mode is designed based on classic Castle Legend series' strategic combat on a chess board, with more plan elements. Each conflict has distinct scene, in which players will need to control distinct environment, night-and-day shift or the time of wave's up-and-down. In different battles, players can fetch distinct temporary stage products, which is helpful if used sensibly. Players will also experience many diverse bosses, who have different skills and AI mechanics. It's quite challenging and satisfying to conquer them using your own tatics! The concealed contents are better integrated with map scene and match narrative, which are traceable according to hints. Provided that players are careful enough, these"easter eggs" could be revealed. --Free to Play No VIP system, no card drawing, no more a bunch of expansion system and industrial events. Games of Winwill studio consistently have good standing. --Continuous Updates we'll upgrade new contents onto a weekly or weekly basis.
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