Egypt: Old Kingdom

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Version: 0.1.56
GooglePlay now offers Egypt: Old Kingdom! Get the full version now to get your first 53 turns absolutely free. Download the complete version to discover Ancient Egypt's history in all its splendor. Memphis, Egypt's ancient capital, must be built and developed. Your city will have enough resources to support its growth, you can deal with hostile and friendly neighbors and expand your state. You also need to send out expeditions in faraway countries and construct the Great Pyramids. Your every move is being watched and guided by the mighty Egyptian Gods. Show them respect and gratitude and your Old Kingdom will prosper! You don't need an internet connection to play this game! Includes all campaigns and modes in the PC version. NOTE: You will need to have at least 2GB RAM. ABOUT THIS GAME. As one of many incarnations, of Horus, you'll be fighting the powerful Seth who causes numerous destructions in Ancient Egypt. You can win wars or overcome crises. Discover new technologies. You are wise enough to aid the ancient kings in unifying Lower and Upper Egypt and building a stable economy. BASED ON RECENT HISTORY, you will be in Memphis at 3500-2140 B.C. (the time of the six first dynasties under the pharaohs). The country will be united and you will create a prosper kingdom that will later have to deal with the chaos of the First Intermediate Period. CONSTRUCTION OF GREAT PYRAMIDS: You will be responsible for the building of great pyramids and choosing their materials. Although this requires huge investments, it is essential to maintain peace and order within the country. ANCIENT SOCIETY SIMULATOR This will allow you to not only address the issues of farmers and artisans but also take important decisions that will determine the future of the kingdom. You will face many challenges, and you'll be witness to events on a different scale. ANCIENT MAPISTRIES Explore the Old Kingdom's world: explore new lands and send expeditions to other places. You will also meet many cultures. Learn as much about Egypt as possible and expand Egypt's boundaries.
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