Idle Life Sim - Simulator Game

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Author: Codigames
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.2
Size: 118M
Version: 1.3.1
Take control of your new life! Idle Life will permit you to explore unique lifestyles! Create your avatars and manage their important choices to make them succeed in this fantastic world. Choose a specialist career, purchase a home, go shopping and decorate your own room like you always wanted. Place all the objects but you would like and alter the structure as many times as you want to be comfy. Customize your home and your overall look, learn how to live by yourself and train your specialist abilities to improve your salary. Ensure that your earnings grow and move to a larger home whenever you're prepared. Get some additional jobs to make more income and speak to your grandma for some aid if the going gets rough CREATE YOUR AVATARS Investigate all of the mixes to personalize your avatars and select their overall look, face attributes, hairstyle, as well as outfits. Try them on unique garments and add them to a wardrobe, so they could dress appropriately for the event. Change their own hair colour if you would like to grab the attention at the workplace! CUSTOMIZE YOUR HOUSE Start in a tiny loft and be the owner of a significant mansion due to your management. Proceed to the decoration store and purchase furniture and decorations. You could begin with a bed, a TV, rugs or fashionable poufs. You may require a wall clock or even a new sofa. Dont forget about some pictures and paintings, in addition to a completely equipped kitchen. Construct a cozy apartment! Proceed to a better home as soon as you can afford it, and upgrade your objects as well. CHOOSE YOUR CAREER Be an artist, an sportsperson, a technician , a cook... There are many options to pick your new lifestyle! Begin with a normal job and improve your professional abilities to be a top figure in your area. Participate job promotions and proceed up in your organization. Work hard and get a pay increase. Earn prestige points to have better abilities and a greater wage. Accept different jobs to receive additional money, and get the home of your dreams or a stylish lawsuit for your new workplace. TAKE IMPORTANT DECISIONS Take control of your own avatars lifestyles and make them succeed in their fields. Enjoy watching them spending their times at home and using the different objects purchased in the store. Watch them socialize with their truth. Each character might have different development due to your own options! If you want handling and idle games, you may enjoy Idle Life! A casual easy-to-play game in which strategic decisions must be taken to create your avatars with rewarding outcomes. Boost your lifestyle starting out of a little and small place and uncover observable progress on your personal and professional achievements. Transform your life benefiting from life opportunities being forward-looking!
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