Buggle 2 - Free Color Match Bubble Shooter Game

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Author: NSTAGE
Category: Games, Puzzle
Rating: 4.4
Size: 89M
Version: 1.6.5
Use your bubble gun to blast off! You can shoot bubbles using your bubble gun and win! You can now play the Bubbleshooter Puzzle Game Buggle 2 for free! The kindly Queen Bee and her army of soldier bees have arrived. Now, the peaceful Bubble Island is in peril! Your help is needed! Bubble bear Andrew is on a quest to find honey. Andrew, his bear friends and other animals must stop the Queen Bee from hoarding sweet honey. Andrew and his pals only want peace for their island. They cannot wait for anyone to end Queen Bee and her army of buggy horses. Your support is crucial! Protect them from Queen Bees Buggy Army's evil and greedy queen bees! Bring peace and justice to Bubble Island. Andrew, the bubble bear is a great bubble shooter. His secret weapon, the bubble shooter, allows him to burst bubbles quickly and eliminate the Queen Bees buggy army. He can't do this alone. It is up to you! Andrew will need your help to defeat the Queen Bee and her bee soldiers. You can pop, swirl, and blast bubbles with lots of special items, then shoot the red bubble. Andrew's bear pals, the panda bear and polar bear will be there to help! Special Features of Buggle 2 Bubble popping and bubble shooting fever Buggle 2 is not your average bubbleshooter. Buggle 2 is a combination of the popular arcade bubble shooter puzzle game and fun, thrilling power-up items as well as a variety of game modes. There are more than 1300 levels! You can play NOW to show off your bubble-shooting skills. Blaster the bubbles and shoot burst! POP! There are many game modes and boosters to keep everyone entertained! Buggle 2 offers exciting challenges and is a bubble-shooter game! Do you have the skills to master Bubbleshooter games Do you ever wish there was a more challenging game? You don't have to be afraid. Buggle 2 will never cease! You will never tire of Buggle 2! We keep our levels updated on a daily basis, so there are always new challenges to be faced. Follow Andrew as he fights the Queen Bee and defends his island from her snoopy buggy army. Simple, intuitive controls Simply follow these steps: aim, shoot and pop the bubble It's that simple! You can control the shooter with your finger. Match the color of the bubble by aiming it at the target. Then, shoot the bubble! You just popped the bubbles! You have control of Andrew's fate and Bubble Island of the bears! The honey will soon be yours. NEW GAME EVENTS AND REWARDS! Keep an eye out for special events and rewards for Buggle 2 fans on Facebook. These events will give you amazing rewards to help you on your adventures! There are more events Honey! Invite friends to join you in Buggle 2! It's great to have fun with family and friends! You can exchange gifts and ask for their help. Find out who has the best bubble gun! Bright and colorful graphics featuring cute characters You are looking for bubble pop games that have rich colors and adorable characters? Gorgeous bubble whirl graphics in rich purple, blue, and red colors You can now check out Bubble Popping Buggle 2. Match up the colors of the bubbles and they will burst! Save Andrew the bubble bear and his friends by shooting that redbubble! Assist them on their difficult quest against Queen Bee and her troops. Are you enjoying Buggle 2 Leave 5-star reviews, and let us know what Buggle 2 is!
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