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Author: Creative Mobile Games
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.7
Size: 85M
Version: 2.6.251
Limited time offer! Enjoy 40% savings on the original game, and 33% discount on the bonus story "Blissful sleep" You are about to enter a dark dystopian future. The way Beholder forces you to find the right balance between morality and practicality is very smart. It makes for some interesting decisions and playthroughs. Toucharcade featured in CNET’s Best Mobile Games 2017. A totalitarian state controls all aspects of public and private life. The laws are oppressive. Total surveillance is possible. Privacy is gone. The State has appointed you as the manager for an apartment building. You are responsible for making your apartment building an attractive place to rent. But that facade is only a façade that conceals the real purpose of your mission. You have been given the task of spying on your tenants by the State. You are responsible for coveringtly watching your tenants, and listening in on their conversations. While they are away from their homes, you must BUG them, SEARCH for any items that could threaten the authority and PROTECT them to your superiors. Anyone who is able to violate the law or plan subversive actions against the state must be reported to authorities. It's all about choices. Choices that matter. How will you use the data you have collected? What will you do with the information? Will you keep the information about his criminal activities secret and allow him to correct them? To get the cash your family needs, you could also blackmail him. The features: What happens is up to you: Each decision that you make will affect the outcome of the story. You are not just an object: Every character that you meet has a fully developed personality, with a past and present. It is not an easy decision: Should you have the right to invade the privacy of someone else? Should you give the right treatment to those you spy on? There are many endings to "Beholder", and you don't even know what they will be. Additional story "Blissful Sleep", is available already! ** Hector is the former landlord who was succeeded by Carl Shteyn. It is time to share the tales of: One who was made a terrible mistake and now seeks salvation. The ones who broke laws to achieve happiness but are being left behind. The one that had it all but lost everything. The one, who mews. You can return to Krushvice 6, and you will serve the Wise Leader and State well. ** Available via in-app purchase 3D Touch. The characters interaction menu will be opened by pressing the Force Touch button. Synchronize all of your games across devices.
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