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Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.5
Size: 95M
Version: 2.9.6
Caution Your information will be reset if you change your device or delete the match. Please login on the game and Save the game data prior to doing so. Characteristics - Enjoyable characters and stories - Survival, open-world design - A variety of character decorations and gun modifications - 20+ playable characters - 60+ weapons and armors predicated on real-life references - Randomly generated maps and sub missions - Form and grow your own troops - Futuristic combats with AI and drones. Bad 2 Bad: Extinction Details Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is a sequel of Bad 2 Bad: Deltaback with more stories and many different contents. Extinction covers the story after you conquer Gorat al-Llama's terrorist organization, Al-Qatala, and also discover individuals behind them. Hereyou may engage in a war against the Tailless Legion - humans - as the B2B Delta Team. Introducing the 5 forces From Bad 2 Bad: Extinction, a total of 5 distinct forces are introduced along with your enemy - zombies known as Wilders(WD), Purebloods(PB), Underdogs(UD), Amazoness(AZ), and the Tailless Legion(TL). Each forces have their particular traits and stories. Struggle for Survival While looking for your primary goal in the mission area filled with Wilders to proceed together with campaigns by force, it is possible to even play the game with more freedom in randomly generated maps and cutting back sub missions to collect objects and/or get rewards. Character and Firearm Customization You can alter your rifle and decorate your character as much as you desire. More weapons, gear, costumesand much more characters are coming shortly. Form Your Own Special Force In Extinctionyou can organize and grow your own unit. If you get stuck, consider updating your gear and altering the strategies. Weapon Skills and Proficiency In order to use weapons other than your principal weapon effectively, you have to learn the different weapon abilities. Learn the skill and increase the competence levels to get buffs such as increased attack capability, much less durability, reload speed up, and headshot accuracy. Intensive Converging Fire & Drone Attacks Use the Converging Fire and Drone(DR-6L) attacks efficiently to overcome the emergency. Air Drone(DR-2A) does not have an attacking attribute, but it is going to difinitely be convenient.
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