Golf Club: Wasteland

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Author: Demagog Studio
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.6
Size: 44M
Version: 1.0.3
Following the Great Ecological catastrophe the ultra rich move to Tesla City Around Mars. The remainder of us perished. Now, citizens of Mars carry flights to Earth and play golf in the ruins of civilization. However, among those Mars mission pilots cannot fit in the new Martian society. The homesick pilot uses his relations at Golf Club: Wasteland for a final solo trip to Earth. Citizens of Mars, now nostalgic for Earth, hear songs in the 2020s and talk about memories from their previous life on Earth. 7 original songs and 5 personal stories from taxpayers of Mars. Now on Apple Music! Kick back, relax and reminisce with Golf Club: Wasteland. This award-winning game is really a slow-paced atmospheric visual narrative with walking, jet-pack flying, and golfing in post-apocalyptic arenas. Mixed with a spooky atmosphere and a few of the greatest tunes weve discovered in iOS gaming, making for a gorgeous experience of loneliness. - Apple Beautiful and elegiac aren't normally adjectives youd use to describe a golf simulationgame, but thats what it really is, and an extremely unusual and peaceful experience. 8/10 - Metro Rare is the sport that gets you thinking about contemporary society, while being mad you missed the chance to get past a giant, irradiated giraffe. 9/10 - Touch Arcade Can this be the beginning of a new genre, please? - Yahoo Finance BEAUTIFUL A visually and sonically rich, serene and funny encounter. Each degree includes post-apocalyptic environments with destroyed brutalist monuments, neons discussing current social occasions and Silicon Valley, graffiti, and other pathways, and one unforeseen character. MUSIC Whilst equipping Earth, the Pilot listens to Radio Nostalgia from Mars, a Exceptional concept album. STORY Three story perspectives: text between degrees, the Pilots diary that it is possible to unlock, and personal stories in the radio app. SATIRE References are implanted throughout the world. If youre enthusiastic about current affairs, appreciate great design and have a wholesome skepticism toward our collective future - that this game is made for youpersonally.
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