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Author: Digibites
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Version: 1.4.4
This product is designed to protect your battery and display information about battery use. BATTERY HEALTH Battery life spans are limited. The battery's capacity is reduced every time it is charged. Research shows that a charge of only 80% can extend the battery's lifespan by up to 20%. To prolong the battery life, you can use our charge alarm. Find out how many hours of battery wear you have experienced during your charge session. BATTERY USAGE AccuBattery uses information from your battery charger to determine the actual battery use. These measurements are combined with the information about which app is being used to determine battery usage. Android uses pre-baked profiles provided by device manufacturers to calculate battery usage, such as how powerful the CPU is. These numbers are often inaccurate in practice. You can monitor how much battery you are using on your phone. Also, know how long your device will last in active mode. You can check how frequently your device is woken from deep sleep. ACCUBattery can help you find the best USB cable and charger for your device. To find out the charging current, measure it in mA. You can check how quickly your phone charges when it is turned on and off. Find out how much time it takes for your phone to fully charge and the end date. HIGHLIGHTS: Measure the actual battery capacity in mAh. To prolong the battery's lifespan, you can use the charge alarm. You can see how many charges your battery takes. You can find the battery usage and discharge speed per application. - The remaining charge time is how long before the battery charges. - The remaining use time is how long it takes for your battery to run out. Screen off or screen on estimations. When the device is on standby, you can check the percent of deep sleep. You will receive an ongoing notification with real-time battery statistics. PRO FEATURES: Use dark and moled black themes to conserve energy. - You can access historical sessions that are older than one day. Notification with detailed battery statistics. No advertisements We are a small independent developer who is passionate about battery statistics and quality. AccuBattery does not require privacy sensitive information. It also doesn't make any false claims. Support us and upgrade to Pro if you love the way that we work.
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