Endless ATC (free)

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Author: startgrid
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.2
Size: 6.5M
Version: 4.3.0
In this simulation game, you are an air traffic controller in the approach radar of a crowded airport. If you make no errors, the number of airplanes you have to control gets larger and larger. Just how many flights at one time can you handle? A warning for users that are not familiar with aviationdue to high precision, this match may bore or frustrate you, therefore please read the directions below first. In-game there's just a bit of assistance, and the match is currently in English only. The game offers you a radar display with airplanes and runways. Planes are generated randomly. To keep it interesting and working, this ATC sim is a bit simplified compared to real life, but it's all on scale and the airplanes act realistically. Instructions Select a plane, give it a descend instruction (to about 2000 feet), guide it to the blue line in a huge distance from the runway, and clean it for approach by allowing ILS mode, which means it'll stick to the line to the runway (given that the plane captures the line in a shallow angle). Additionally, it is handy to take a look at the screenshots and this movie. Then simply try it! More detailed directions: sequence the visitors to the ILS path before a landing antenna. The runway is depicted as a blue line with a few; the ILS path is that the thin blue line extending in the runway. To be able to catch this ILS column, a plane must honor with three states: (1) that the ILS style of this plane is triggered, (2) that the plane has been descended low enough to intercept the glideslope from under; the blue circles indicate that the altitudes of 2000, 3000 and 4000 ft, (3) the plane have to intercept the ILS in a heading of 50 degrees or not with respect to the runway (target for about 30 levels ). If caught properly, it will stick to the line and land automatically about the runway. Note that it takes time to get a plane to descend to the chosen altitude. When a plane is completely established, it'll be handed within the tower and you score ability points. For parallel processes, keep 1000 feet vertical split until both airplanes are localizer established. Departing aircraft decide their heading and speed themselves; they just require an instruction (if it's safe) to scale to a greater altitude: flight level 130. You can even eliminate skill points if airplanes: (1) fly too near eachother (generally: overlapping circles and altitude difference <1000 feet), (2) leave the airspace (outer gray circle), too if they are departures but abandon the airspace at or under FL90, (3) overlooked approaches/go arounds. The quantity of airplanes that you have to control is roughly the same as the amount of skill points you have: the greater the skill value, the greater airplanes you have to handle. You can even achieve'goals' by landing a specific quantity of airplanes in the right way. In the menu there are options like a rate multiplier, and custom visitors to get a more comfortable gameplay. Establish sound style to 3 or 2 to get pilot speech through android TTS (uses US and UK speech ). For more detailed directions go to https://startgrid.blogspot.com/2013/11/endless-atc-instructions.html Characteristics endless quantity of airplanes, multiple runways, give radar vectors like a real air traffic controller, number of visitors adheres to your skill level, pause and high simulation speed manners, automatically saving sport; restart where you left off, pilot voices, and no internet connection required, zero ads, it's free. The game plays best on large screens. In case you have comments, please send me an email.
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