Cyber Retro punk 2069 | 3D Cyberpunk FPS

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Author: DormRoom
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 3.5
Size: 25M
Version: 1.35
Welcome to city 17, a dark dystopian Cyberpunk city in the year 2069. Multi trillion dollar mega corporations dominate the world. Even the 3D world for cyberpunk 2069 was designed with terrific time, work and care and the sound tracks were quite carefully selected to place the great Cyberpunk mood and immersiveness for the game. You are a muscle for rent. You've accepted a contract by an unknown customer. Your job is to clear city 17 from the holds of HexCorp business. Take and destroy all enemies within an action packed Cyberpunk environment. HexCorp corporation's private military controls city 17. Features: * Beautiful Cyberpunk themed Graphics * Plenty of Sci Fi firearms * Tough Enemies * Immersive Action packed Game drama * Immersive retro futuristic Sound Track * Highly optimized for great performance * Lots of amazing levels (much more under development) Fight through dark, gritty but vibrant moist and spectacular streets and alleys of Cyberpunk city 17. Your enemies are both armored and tough but no one walks using a bullet in your own head. The Cyberpunk motif and music of the game will dip you in to its exquisite world. Become the cyber hunter. Find a lot of sci fi guns and hidden spa packs. Play head-shot kills for trendy bullet time effect. Take through several Amounts to defeat HexCorp Army. You'll find yourself in a very beautiful and immersive cyberpunk world. Fight and Shoot your way through dangerous enemies who lurk behind every corner.The game provides many sci fi weapons and missions. Each level is distinctively designed around different cyberpunk inspired topics. Even the Gun game play is gratifying with bullet time slow motion action. Cyberpunk 2069 includes plenty of Sci-fi weapons such as pistols rifles sub machine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles. Cyberpunk 2069's solo single player campaign has an engaging story line to back the game play. Beautiful and gorgeous Cyberpunk images together with extreme gunfight makes it a special experience. Complete the epic challenges provided to you as a contract from your employer. Snipe and hunt enemies in a beautiful enormous cyberpunk city such as a cyber hunter. One of the best looking cyberpunk games out there. Battling and shooting epic struggles within this beautiful urban jungle is a competitive and challenging. Death lurks around every corner. As an agent under contract it is your duty to complete the mission by shooting all enemies with the aid of all Your power and skills. Engage in extreme battle and take cover or confront your competitors by shooting them dead. The city is a mystery for you to figure out, find and hunt your enemies. One of the greatest cyberpunk games out there. Become the Cyber hunter . Walk through shadows to hunt down your competitors like a real cyber hunter. The cyberpunk city is blinding with colorful lights. There are no other cyberpunk games such as this. Cyberpunk 2069 offers best images in cyberpunk matches genere. ________________________________________________________ Cyberpunk 2069 is always under development and updates. Please examine and provide feedback to assist in a much better product. Thank You for your Purchase. --------
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