Dr.Web Security Space Life

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Author: Doctor Web, Ltd
Category: Tools
Rating: 4.4
Size: 34M
Version: 12.6.8
Complex protection from many sorts of dangers for mobile devices, Anti-virus such as TV sets, media players, and game consoles based on Android TV using a lifetime assistance. Use Dr.Web Security Space to get Android for free with the purchase of Dr.Web Security Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus to get PC/Mac. Features and Advantages Quick and complete file system scan; scan of files and folders upon a petition. Real-time scan of a file system. Even when a phone is completely obstructed, even by subscribing unidentified to the Dr.Web virus databases. Detection of new, unknown malicious programs employing the unique Origins Tracing technology. Moving of detected threats into the quarantine; restoration of files. Password security of those Anti-virus settings and accessibility to applications nominal load on the operating system. Discreet use of battery tools. Traffic saving because of a small size of the virus database updates. Detailed statistics. A handy and educational widget on a device home screen. URL filter Restricts access to unwanted Internet sources. Blocking of websites that distribute viruses. Blocking based on subject categories (drugs, violence, etc., ). White and black lists of sites Access only to sites from the White list Parental Control Protects application from an unauthorized entry and the Anti-virus settingsfrom unwanted modifications by outsiders and kids. Blocking of access to applications. Blocking of Dr.Web settings modification. Password security Security Auditor Runs diagnostics, exposes security problems and suggests their answers. Firewall Controls network activity of applications. Filtering of outside network traffic of applications, that are installed on a single device, and network applicationsaccording to an individual decision (Wi-Fi, network) and dispersed rules (based on IP addresses and/or interfaces, entire networks, address ranges); Tracking of current and already transferred trafficwith data on addresses/ports linked by applications and on incoming and outgoing traffic; Thorough logs. Licensing 1. The Dr.Web Software use provisions are explained in the license agreement. 2. Dr.Web Security Space Life includes just those Dr.Web protection components that comply with Google's policy at any time and may be altered from the rights holder to comply with this policy at any time, with no duty to customers with respect to altering the components. This set of components is not exhaustive in terms of those the rights holder possesses. 3. The user gets the right to use the Dr.Web Software simultaneously on 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, or 5 devices associated with the account that has been used to create a purchase. 4. The transport of a license to another device is allowed, assuming that the total amount of devices simultaneously using Dr.Web Software is no greater than 5. 5. An indefinite license interval means that the authorised applications use interval is not restricted and coincides with the interval during which the programmer (Doctor Web Ltd., TIN 7714533600) possesses the exclusive right to the computer software. 6. The protected devices are Android/Android TV devices, support that is defined from the rights holder's documentation: https://download.drweb.com/doc. This program uses the Device Administrator approval. This program utilizes Accessibility services.
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