Champions of Avan - Idle RPG

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Author: Early Morning Studio
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.6
Size: 84M
Version: 0.6.24
You decide the fate of Avan. Small acorns can grow into great oaks. This idle miner game has you starting with a humble village in a dark corner of Rokmyer. You are given the task of building it into a prosperous and grand city worthy of being proud of on the maps of Rokmyer and the pages of history. With only a handful of units, you can source materials to make larger and more powerful structures, and loot gold to purchase grander ones. You can make this the city of Avan. With the right combination of ambition and wisdom, it could become something extraordinary. You can collect resources that will help you grow your city. You can build a small kingdom or an entire empire. You can make your city into any size you want in this idle mining game. You have access to a variety of resources, including gold, wood and stone, plus a rich collection of medieval technology. Your only limitation is your ambition. The land is dominated by deadly enemies like the Mountain Sentinels, who are vicious, and the Dragonling Mother. These enemies won't give up easily so you will need the most powerful weapons and the toughest armor to fight them off as you marche into epic battles. Personalize and recruit your heroes You will meet incredible heroes in this action RPG. The Inyen, the creepy Xaphan and the Ayabe are all gung-ho heroes. Each has a unique way to help you progress. This adds depth to an already exciting genre. Rokmyer is your village, which has many resources that you can collect and use. They all offer assets to be seized, from lakes and swamps, mountain valleys, and dark forests. But not without some trial and challenge. You control the destiny of a whole city in this mining game. So pray that you are able to face all the challenges and dangers. You can grow your village and become an RPG hero collector, or do anything else to make a lasting legacy.
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