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Author: 11 bit studios
Category: Games, Role Playing
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Version: 1.13.13
Be a hero A set of Gates was discovered during a lengthy archaeological dig. These ancient passages led to other realms and dimensions, providing treasures for reckless and brave adventurers. Rynoka was a small village that provided refuge for the adventurers and allowed them to make a profit on their hard-earned wealth. Moonlighter, an Action RPG that features rogue-lite components and follows Will's daily routines as he dreams to become a hero. Moonlighter's mobile edition introduces new intuitive controls to make it easier for you to manage your shop and deal quickly with dangers lurking in deep dungeons. To customize the game experience for you, you can choose from Normal, Hard, or Easy difficulty. Touch & Swipe will be the default controller scheme and best way to play Moonlighter. However, you can also enable the classic Virtual Joysticks so that you still enjoy Moonlighter. MAIN FEATURES - SHOPKEEPING You can sell items, fix their prices carefully, monitor gold reserves and recruit helpers to run your shop in Rynoka village. Some shady people may try to take your valuable wares, so be careful! FIGHT with style. Use natural and easy-to-learn touch controls to defeat bosses and enemies. Your survival depends on mastering your weapon control, timing and swift dodging. Understanding your environment and enemies is also crucial. It is your choice how you fight your enemies. MEET VILLAGERS Meet your neighbours and help restore prosperity to this tiny commercial village. Rynoka is a beautiful community that encourages new business establishments and helps them to grow. CRAFT & ENCHANT It is crucial that you understand the craft and enchanting systems in order to progress. You can interact with the villager to make new weapons and armor, or enchant your existing gear. It allows for a lot of freedom and spice up how equipment is used. GET THE LOOT Explore other worldly doors to find valuable loot from alien civilizations. It's not possible to hoard everything. Instead, use the inventory system carefully and take only the best loot. Befriend Companions 9 companions who will gladly assist you in the most difficult situations. Every companion comes with its own mechanics. You can use them to damage your enemies, give you life back, collect items, or act as an extra chest. NEW GAME+ Complete the main adventure in order to unlock the New Game+ mode, which includes additional weapons and challenges.
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