Empire:Rome Rising

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Author: Mountain Lion
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.1
Size: 78M
Version: 1.54
Construct a rising kingdom, explore technologies, update arsenal, train warriors, cavalries, giants, dragon knights, and elf archers. Travel back into the age of Empires, join a highly effective alliance and participate in real-time PVP combat. If you're a lover of empire games, as well as ambitions for world domination, then this trendy game is unmissable. Write your name into the history of Rome because the emperor of a powerful, rising kingdom. Join the millions of global hardcore players in the actual time social network. Combine forces with your friends to fight in formation and conquer enemies and occupy their kingdoms. Defend your town and fortress out of those who'd occupy or destroy it and also confront some of the most dangerous combat ever seen in the history of Rome. If youre a hardcore lover of empire and war games and youre looking for a fresh warrior game, then search no more! Return to the age of Empires and construct a dynasty which will endure the test of time! Features Overview *Free to perform this epic plan MMO of Roman war. *Chat and conflict together with millions of other worldwide hardcore gamers. *Construct a kingdom to rival the greatest in all of roman history. Train your warriors to fight in formation watch on since they shield your fortress. *research and update innovative technologies which may boost your source production and your combat skills (Attack/Defend). *Combine your friends to form a mighty Alliance. *Lead huge armies in real-time PVP and Inter-Server combat. *Conquer the enemy and occupy their territory. *Employ cunning tactics and formations and organize your strategies to defeat the enemy emperors. *Chat with gamers throughout the world, any moment. Organize your effort in your own discussion group. *Use diplomacy and work together with allies to be successful in conflict. *Train heroes and update their leadership abilities to get the upper hand on the enemy. *See your conflicts perform in real time on the world map. Experience authentic power in an actual epic Roman strategy MMO! Control every element of your territory from construction, resource production, the study of ancient and technology tactics in this trendy RTS game. Your leadership style will probably determine what a thriving emperor you're. Recruit the very best soldiers! A powerful army is able to help you expand and protect your property. A town with no adequate military will get easy prey! Battle together in real time! Use tactics and strategy to establish your army and conquer your foes. Teach musicians to direct your cavalry troops into conflict and observe the conflict in real time! Forge powerful alliances with global hardcore gamers! Band together with your allies and confront the primeval universe as one Alliances. Set your formations and organize your attacks and defensive tactics prior to conquering and occupying new kingdoms. Research technologies which will help benefit the winning edge! A culture is just as good as its technologies. The greater the degree of your technologies, the more you will gain from them with regard to resource production and combat ability. Perform the role of the protagonist in a gorgeous Roman world! Become a potent leader in an RTS, historic world with excellent graphics. Experience the feeling of using approaches and legionaries, giants, archers and catapults within an attack to occupy and become a mythical emperor of numerous historical cities. https://www.facebook.com/empireromerising
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