Lost Lands 7

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Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.5
Size: 18M
Susan the Warmaiden is more afraid of an angry, vengeful old deity or her son who is angry and resentful. TRY THE FREE TRIAL VOLUNTEER VERSION AND THEN UNLOCK ALL ACCESS TO THE GAME. Lost Lands: Redemption, an adventure game of Hidden Objects' genre, has many mini-games, puzzles, memorable characters, and complex quests. Susan spends too much time wandering the Lost Lands trying to keep order. However, a deadly relic was discovered on Earth and she has to return home. Susan ended up being away for much more time than she expected due to the difference in the times between them. It wasn't lost on her. Jim, her son is furious at his mother for disappearing so suddenly. Susan is determined to resolve the problem as quickly as possible in order to bring back the peace and order to the world. However, her simplistic plan won't work. Jim now finds himself in the middle of his mother's adventures against his will. Jim will forgive his mother and be open to accepting her for who she really is. Susan will put the safety of her family ahead of a lifetime full adventure and saving the planet. Mother and son will they be able to establish a close relationship in the midst of this disaster? Now it's time for you to discover every corner of these Lost Lands. You will need to find hidden places and gather manuscripts containing ancient knowledge. Your mind and your wits will help you solve the mystery of the magical temple and defeat the evil ancient deity. Find the magical artifact belonging to an ancient deity and solve the mystery of the secret temple. With your persistence and attention, you can defeat powerful villains! With old, loyal friends, dive deep into dangerous and new adventures! He was no more! He must be stopped before he can regain his power. You must find the safe places that are hidden from prying eyes, and then reveal their secrets. This game can be played on tablets or phones. +++ More games by FIVEBN GAMES
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