Epic Conquest

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Author: Gaco Games
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.7
Size: 134M
Version: 5.8e
An wonderful game crafted with love and burning passion by a small team of two guys. After 3 years of development, this game is now ready to be appreciated by everyone! Epic Conquest is a classic single-player Action RPG with unique touch in the combat and narrative, giving the experience youve never needed in other free offline RPGs. Its not a pay to acquire match. It's possible to achieve everything for free. Best gears? Max Level? No quantity of money can buy them. Only your attempt that matters! Only download now and allow the game speak for itself! [Game Features] Wonderful Hack and Slash Action! - Intense and tactical combat. Discover enemies behaviour and find the chance to strike! - Choose between 4 playable characters with totally different playstyles - Fluid Control System! No autoplay! You have complete control of all - 4 Degrees of Difficulty! Beat harder problem for much more benefits Beautiful Story - Fantasy Romance narrative that won't disappoint you - Visual Book style dialog with character expressions - Amazing CG Illustrations it is possible to find during the narrative - Uncover the Epic Ending! Freedom of character construct - Classic Attribute Distribution (STR / AGI / INT / VIT) to match your desired playstyle - Gear Evaluation that lets you select your preferred build - Even more customization from Gear Socketing Particular abilities and Perks - Every character has epic perks (inborn skills ) to differentiate playstyle - Level Up to unlock each of 4 Skills and 4 Masteries - Ability Level System: The more you use an ability, the stronger it'll be Mastery System: Distribute the Mastery Point sensibly to fit your construct Classic Blacksmith and Equipment System - Grab Enemy bosses to get the materials for crafting your best equipment - Update your equipment in Common to Rare to Epic, and then maximize its possible around +20 - Appraise your equipment to discover the best status that fit your character assemble - metering gears utilizing Jewels! Its up to you to develop into a Skill Spammer, Lifestealer, Furious Madman, or anything range of Costumes to Collect - Purchase Costumes for your cherished character to alter his/her appearance, and find a good boost of power. Achievements - Beat the game and complete all of 27 Achievements available. - Level Up your Play Games accounts! Cloud Save Epic Conquest uses Google Cloud Save You can save and load between devices. Never lose your advancement! Other Great Features - Simple yet amazing old-school images - Very lightweight. Can be performed in older apparatus - Does not consume much power. Entirely battery-friendly - Offline. You can play anywhere with no internet link - No need to pay or watch Advertising, unless you would like to encourage us!
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