Elon Mars: 3D Spaceflight Simulator

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Author: Garden of Dreams
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 3.6
Size: 150M
Version: 1.4
Elon Mars is a 3D spaceflight simulator about space exploration. Raccoons build spaceships to get Spaceflights to conquer space. And they're inspired by their own idol - Elon Mars. You have to aid the raccoons to overcome space: Produce your enemy Unlock the elements and build the ideal rocket. Don't forget about weight, energy and gas tank capacity. Can you fly out of the air on your first Spaceflight? It depends on you in realistic space flight simulator. Master piloting and fly Leave your native Earth as soon as possible, since there are a lot of interesting things ahead! Find the ideal trajectory, obtain maximum speed, avoid drifts, save gas and don't forget about atmospheric drag on your Spaceflights. Craft crazy mechanics There are not any limitations other than funding, needless to say. Do you need to generate a rocket with a dozen motors? No problem! If you would like to build a true space cruiser, what's on your hands. Use your imagination and create 1 Spaceflight! Entire tasks and earn money Boost your reputation, overcome the planet's orbit, and conquer the power of gravity, create a parachute landing, learn a splashdown and far more. For every assignment, Elon Mars shuttle simulator provides additional funding for experiments. Become part of this Elon Mars group and assist the raccoons conquer endless space in 3D spaceflight simulator!
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